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Why It’s Important for Moms to Keep Their Guts In Check

The strength and love of a mother is truly one of a kind. There is no greater definition of unconditional love than that of a mother to their child. Although there is no direct link to motherhood and an amplified intuition, there is no doubt that moms have tremendous gut feeling power. Whether it is the heightened senses that increase when becoming a mom or the never ending fear of losing their child, knowing when something is off without really knowing what’s going wrong is a gift no one can deny is evident in mothers.

There may not be clear scientific research backing the claims of gut health and intuition, but there is no denying that bad physical health can interfere with clear thinking. A mother’s intuition is not exclusive to humans alone, as almost all animal species have shown the mother’s evident capability in keeping their child out of harm way. By simply listening to that inner voice, moms are able to always figure out the right thing to do for their child. Whether one calls it the conscience, the soul, or God, listening to that inner gut feeling can be the best decision to make. Trusting that voice takes a lot of courage, and denying its power can be detrimental.

To fully understand the gut feelings in the body and if they are accurate or not, it is also important to place priority on gut health. A healthy gut creates overall improved health in all aspects of the body. When the body is unable to function properly, gaining a grip on what the body is trying to convey will be extremely challenging. Mental and physical health do go hand in hand. Any time there is a presence of negative bacteria in the stomach, the ability to think properly becomes more of a challenge. The mother has to always be alert and ready to take charge, especially when put in uncharted territorial experiences. The moment health gets in the way of the decision making process, it becomes more difficult to be an authoritative figure.

How Microbiomes Work In The Body

Healthy microbiomes in the gut have been shown to regulate the immune system’s functions by creating a more active flow. The body consists of trillions of fungi, viruses, and bacteria, all collectively known as this microbiome. The existence of this bacteria can fasten the metabolism, improve digestion, break down nutrients, and combat negative toxins in the gut. Bad gut health is linked to various diseases related to the liver, diabetes, heart health, and various other bowel movement conditions. An imbalance of healthy and unhealthy microbes inside intestines can cause major damage to the natural functions of other major organs as well. That is why it is vital to always keep the gut in check and balanced at all times. It will take some time to fully cleanse the gut, but the results will be far worth the time put into its care.

Not all bacteria are bad, with some actually beneficial to the body’s existence. The trillions of present microbes exist mostly in the intestines, with the rest on the skin. These microbes are mostly in the socket of the large intestine known as the cecum or the gut microbiome. There are actually more bacterial cells in the body in comparison to every other human cell. There are 30 trillion human cells in the body and over 40 trillion bacterial cells, which means the body consists of more bacteria cells than human ones. With over 1,000 different species of these bacteria, each one plays a huge role in the health of the gut. At times these microbes can reach up to 5 pounds and if contaminated with negative bacteria, the entire body will be affected.

Without proper gut health, the body deteriorates and fluctuates, as everything is connected to the gut. Evidence has shown that babies actually first come in contact with these microbes while still in the womb. This is why mothers are advised to consume more live active cultures while pregnant. From the beginning of conception, humans are connected and exposed to the bacteria of the gut and will eventually create their own as full grown beings. The higher the microbiome diversity present in the gut, the healthier it is for the body.

How Food Affects Gut Health

The food consumed defies what level of bacterial diversity is created in the stomach. The more whole foods consumed and fresh produce, the more positive bacteria cultivation occurs. As the diversity of microbes increase in mothers, the nutrients in the breast milk enriches. The first type of bacteria the baby is exposed to is the Bifidobacteria which is present in breast milk. This bacteria is crucial for the healthy growth of babies as well as the absorption of nutrients in the mothers cells.

The digestive process of fiber is also due to certain bacteria present in the gut. Certain bacteria in the gut happen to be responsible for the breakdown of fiber in the gut, and without the stomach it is incapable to metabolize food properly. In terms of the immune system, microbiome creates a fluidity in the gut that produces immune cells to grow. How the body reacts to infection is determined by the present healthy bacterial cells in the gut.

The Connection Between Brain And Gut Functions

Brain health and activity is also somewhat controlled by the gut and the microbiomes present. New research suggests that these microbes have the ability to affect the central nervous system in the brain which creates the ability to think clearly. Overall, there are countless ways and reasons as to why the gut microbiome is responsible for production key physical functions on overall health.

Never neglect the health of the gut, as it will tremendously affect the way one’s intuition is utilized. The healthier the literal gut is, the stronger the gut feelings will be in action. Overlooking one of the biggest organs in the body can have long term negative effects. It does not take too much to keep the gut in check. With the right diet, a bit of physical activity, and regular check ups with a doctor, the gut can stay in tip top condition.

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  1. There is a nerve that connects from the brain to the abdomen: hence gut feelings are true.

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