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Why Making The Schedler Property in Ridgewood Into A Ballfield Is Dumb

Schedler Park ball field

Ridgewood NJ, The folks who live on the other side of town really need your help. Please watch this video and see what I learned from going over there.

Let’s do what neighbors do: stand up for one another in times of crisis. In this case, it means:
a) sharing this video
b) joining the Friends of Schedler FB group
c) writing to our Village Council

Charlie Nowinski at Ridgewood Village Hall – December 9, 2015

After watching this video, if you agree that having our tax money spent on converting the Schedler property to a baseball field is a dumb idea, please let our Village Council know by email:

Here are the email addresses for our VC:

Mayor Paul Aronsohn
Deputy Mayor Albert Pucciarelli
Councilwoman Gwenn Hauck
Councilwoman Susan Knudsen
Councilman Mike Sedon

Thanks for being a good neighbor!

12 thoughts on “Why Making The Schedler Property in Ridgewood Into A Ballfield Is Dumb

  1. Great video Dana. I plan on opening up a hearing protection stand next to the food concession stand if the ball field is put in.

  2. AWESOME video. Thank you so much! It really drives the point home. I live nowhere near the Schedler property, but I am 100% against this entire fiasco. Leave it as a passive tree-filled park. Please.

  3. Melanie and Anne cracking up in the background says it all. The whole idea of a ball field there is ridiculous.

  4. Why all of a sudden all these crazy irresponsible planning boondoggles..
    This is a serious management issue in the Town of Ridgewood.All these oversized non conforming parking decks and MIS sited ball fields / With Light Incursions into an existing neighborhood have a common theme..
    Our Town is out of control with some pushing own Agendas and telling homeowners to just move over and suck it up. Despite serious impact to property Rights and values as well as dangerous mis planning. Who will pay the lawsuits for injuries fatalities for misplaced expansion accidents

  5. Didnt see many Schedler folks out when they put high voltage power lines on Hope St. or many anti-Valley signs over on that part of town.

  6. True, 11:34. However, the mayor is so determined to wreck the place that eventually every neighborhood will have its own antidevelopment group.

  7. 9:43 – I’m a broken record…a couple of second-generation slugs run the town. Paulie wants to be a part of the click.

  8. The neighbors over there need help from the rest of the town ?

    Are you kidding me…??

    The Recreation Committee runs amok all over the east side of town. Hawes, Somerville and the folks near the HS are always under attack from the al powerful Recreation Committee.

    Former Mayors Mancuso, Pfund and Killion would not allow this shitshow to continue.

    There are 3 60×90 baseball fields in town already. Stop the con job, Eddie !

  9. Let’s not get bogged down that one neighborhood did not come out for another in the past. Now is the time for all of us to stand together. For Schedler, for Habernickel, for the CBD disaster, for the garage mess. United we stand, and the amigos will fall.

  10. The video evidence is a BIG eye opener, ear opening exposure of the unsafe location for a kids sports ball field to exist. A big strong crash resistant wall would have to be built along that stretch of route 17, and the responsible parties pushing for this ball field location should pay for that wall. A sound barrier wall would not be strong enough. How could anyone think of putting kids in potential harms way so closely adjacent to busy death highway route 17 heavily traveled by tracter trailer trucks? Are they out of their minds? One big accident lawsuit waiting in the wings. It would be like a ball park adjacent to an airport runway. I agree its not only dumb, its downright irresponsible!

  11. A couple of things…

    I don’t believe that Dana donates money to the RBSA every year. No one donates money to a group that’s already flush with case like the RBSA is.

    The Salem Ridge folks seemed to have changed their approach here with the noise complaint. It’s a valid concern but they should stick to the original idea that we don’t need another showcase facility in town.

    Neighbors in close proximity to Schedler will lose a minimum of $50-$75K on the value of their homes simply because Fast Eddie claims that we don’t have enough fields for soccer and lacrosse…

  12. No reason to not support these taxpayers efforts to protect their families and their home values ..NO other position makes sence divided we All fall. Let the kids use current facilities learn To WAIT

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