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Women’s March Celebrates N.J. cop killer’s birthday

July 19,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,The Women’s March has been harshly criticized for wishing a happy birthday to a fugitive and terrorist Joanne Chesimard who was convicted in the shooting death of a New Jersey State Police trooper 44 years ago.

In a tweet that read “Happy birthday to the revolutionary #AssataShakur! above an illustration of a her.Assata Shakur is one of the many aliases of Joanne Deborah Chesimard.

Chesimard a former member of what authorities describe as a “revolutionary extremist organization” known as the Black Liberation Army. She is on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list.

Chesimard was convicted of the execution-style killing State Police Trooper Werner Foerster after a traffic stop on the New Jersey Turnpike on May 2, 1973. One accomplice was killed in a shoot-out with police.

26 thoughts on “Women’s March Celebrates N.J. cop killer’s birthday

  1. I’m sure there are teachers and residents in town who support this killer.

  2. Groups who want the public to believe they ‘do good works’ supports a murderer………….. well, that kind of kills the do-good mantra now doesn’t it? We as a society have reached critical mass – murderers are supported, hard working tax payers who want to keep more of their take home pay ridiculed, people who are able but don’t work coddled and given every benefit to scam the system, illegal immigrants given equivalent rights to citizens – these are just a few issues, but they speak to the bizarre world we now live in.

  3. It appears to be a case of the support for this killer having morphed from a relatively small number of radical lefties, to the overall umbrella of the Democrat Party. I’m sure there are a few that don’t support her, but I suspect if you asked most Democrats, they would support her in varying degrees of enthusiasm.

  4. Gosh, 3:03, I doubt it. Have we all become the Hatfields and McCoys, sure that “the other side” strongly supports whatever we detest? It’s not true.

  5. God Bless the Family of
    Werner Foerster
    Incredible that Obama left her off the table during negotiations…
    He is anti- police.
    Trump will get her back..
    God Bless America!

  6. Also, Democrats honored the Puerto Rican terrorist who led the terrorist attacks that killed many in NYC, including a man whose son now live in Glen Rock.

    The same terrorist whose sentence Barack Obama commuted in his final days as President. The same terrorist who still refuses to express any remorse for him terrorist activities.

  7. 12:43… pretty asinine comment… you really think anyone in their sound mind would support this scum? Especially teachers here? Crawl back under your rock…. and 9:25… the vast vast majority of democrats were also repulsed… blame that one on Vivorito and the uber progressive mayor over there….and Obama made a big error….. this whole identity politics thing is nuts…

  8. Gosh 9:10.
    Are you really that oblivious to the facts?

  9. hate to tell you Pete I know for a fact many people in town do including teachers

  10. pesmith 10:00: Are you saying that the women’s march people are not of sane mind? We may be in agreement there.

    And as far as the Puerto Rican terrorist goes, whole swaths of the left are in his favor – starting from ACLU, to very very many Democrats. Vast majority of Democrats are indeed in support. Would you like me to list the number of Democratic politicians who have officially supported that terrorist?

    You say identity politics is nuts. Once again, we are in agreement. But what is left of the Democrat Party without identity politics? Does rainbow flag ring a bell?

  11. pesmit – Do you boycott politicians/entertainers/organizations who even tangentially interact / support with white supremacists?

    If yes, then what do you plan to do with politicians/entertainers/organizations supporting the Puerto Rican terrorist?

  12. Anyone supporting white supremacists, terrorists or cop killers are crazy or just perversely twisted. Period. Not every democrat supports terrorists and/or cop killers nor does every republican supports white supremacists. Its a fringe minority on both sides who happen to garner the most press. I still cling to the antiquated notion that most people are common sense oriented, decent, hard working folks who just want to get along on their lives and respect the law..

  13. Obama let the terrorist out. ACLU actively petitioned for his release. Large number of elected Democrats feted him. The Puerto Rico parade made the terrorist their guest of honor. Lin Manuel Mranda (Hamilton fame) cried tears of joy.

    1) What should we make of all these terrorist supporters?
    2) Show a Republican corollary from recent times.

  14. 1:50…Large #’s of democrats? Crackpots like big bird deblasio and melissa mark viverito? They do not speak for the majority of democrats. many of those who supported the commutation were ignorant of the faln’s intentions. it was not about freedom. it was about taking puerto rico at gunpoint and making it a “worker’s paradise”. yes, some cried tears of joy but the vast majority of voters and most elected officials found it repugnant. his supporters will ill informed or just plain wrong. In the US, yes, republicans have steered clear of and disavowed most of the white supremacist elements. I also think that the gop does get unfairly smeared in the media but that does not mean every democrat is marching to the beat of crazies. This is about right and wrong. And the praise of Chesimard and Rivera is just plain wrong. You don’t have to be aligned with a political party to realize that.

  15. Obama springs a terrorist from jail and Trump is supposed to be the bad guy.

    Not to be forgotten, Bill Clinton pardoned the rest of this terrorist’s crew back in 1999.

  16. Pesmith – If ‘vast vast majorities of Democrats were repulsed’ by these terrorists, then how the hell did both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama spring them from jail?

    Your Democrat logic does not compute.

  17. “Anyone supporting white supremacists, terrorists or cop killers are crazy or just perversely twisted. Period.”
    “you really think anyone in their sound mind would support this scum?”

    NO. I DO NOT.
    …but I think your point was the point of 12:43, since there ARE residents (including teachers who influence your children) who DO support “this scum”.
    they used to be the fringe, but sadly, “the fringe” has grown exponentially and influences great control over the direction of the Democrat party and the education system in Amreica.
    Old time Dems like you are dinosaurs.
    Old time Dems like you are now called “establishment Republicans” or “moderate Republicans”
    while the Democrat party has largely become the Socialist party.

  18. Maybe pesmith is saying that Obama and Clinton – and the folks in their justice departments who worjed on these pardons – were ignorant buffoons who knew nothing about the background of people they were pardoning??

    I mean it is not deblasio pardoned them all by hinself.

  19. Pesmith calls deblasio and viverito ‘crackpots.’

    But these tsrrorists were freed by Obama and Bill Clinton. So the previous two Democrat presidents – per pesmith – were crackpots?

    We may – once again – be in agreement here.

  20. Let’s not also forget the Democrat support for similar scumbag, Mumia Abu-Jamal. And yes, there have been well-publicized cases of teachers honoring this bastard in the classroom.

  21. JFK Democrats like myself and Reagan Republicans (which I became) have been cast aside by both parties. Reaganus Maximus wouldn’t cut it today nor would JFK. Any support of murderers (which the subjects in this stream are) is repugnant to anyone with a sense of decency. There have been repugnant pardons by Reagan (Mandel), Bush the 1st (Myra Sobel), which pale in comparison to 2 specific pardons by presidents Clinton and Obama. But I do not consider those 2 presidents crackpots, nor any president a crackpot. Regardless of who was in office, I actually have respected and respect the chief exec of the usa regardless.

  22. Mandel was a Democrat in jail for corruption. Raegan commuted his sentence and the courts actually ended up overturning the conviction altogether.
    Soble was a low grade spy in jail for 4 years only.
    Clinton and Obama pardoned the Puerto Rican tetrorists who carried out terror attacks in NYC and KILLED people in bombings.
    It takes a special kind of nuttiness, or a Democrat, to equate these three.

  23. Obviously you didn’t read what I said… those pardons PALED in comparison to the pardon of the murderers. Better a nut than an ignoramus I guess.

  24. At 3:07pm pesmith wrote – “Large #’s of democrats? Crackpots like big bird deblasio and melissa mark viverito? They do not speak for the majority of democrats. many of those who supported the commutation were ignorant of the faln’s intentions. “
    But when pointed out that that the pardons/commutations were issued by TWO Democrat Presidents, after full analysis and recommendation from the Department of Justice staffed 100% with Democrats, pesmith starts discussions all kinds of random things.
    Typical Democrat. Deny. Obfuscate. And when all else fails, lie.

  25. To which I said those pardons (murderers) were absolutely wrong. And pointed out that the republican pardons paled next to those 2 pardons. They were negligible. Obfuscate? No. facts. Those pardons by Clinton and Obama were wrong. period.

  26. So Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and their Democrat filled DoJs, do not speak for the majority of the Democrats?

    Strange. Very strange indeed.

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