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10 Tips for Choosing the Right College


As high school graduation nears, it is time to start gathering information on colleges you want to attend and make probably the most difficult decision so far. Away from the movies in which the best College is the furthest one, choosing a college can be a daunting task. With so much information to collect and process before making the decision of which college to apply to this year, you may need some help. What follows are the top 10 Tips for Choosing the Right College this year. 

Consider What You Want To Study

The first and the most obvious place to start is you. Try listing all the hobbies you’ve had, your personal interests, and any activities you like to do outside of school. Find common points between all of them. Start with who you are and what you want to become. 

Consider Your Priorities in Choosing the Degree and the College

Once you have a basic notion of what you could do, try to prioritize your interests. Very few of us have a single hobby or a single interest, so we should prioritize in making life-changing decisions. If you like sports, but spend most of your time watching Nip/Tuck and Botched, then study surgery and do sports on the side, and not vice versa. 

List Possible Majors and Programs 

When you have finished prioritizing, it is best to start looking for appropriate majors and programs. Start with your area first. What does your state have to offer that could interest you? Expand as you go. Having a list of some 5-10 colleges you would like to apply to is the best thing to do. Consider free writing essay examples before you start making an outline for yours. A good admission application means having an amazing essay. 

Look at the Stats and Alumni of the College

Before making your final decision, you should investigate well the stats and the alumni of the college. Are there any great job opportunities that the College offers? Do they support early employment and find internship places? How about their alumni? Any particularly successful people? Any teacher reviews online?

Speak to a Friend About Your College Shortlist

Speaking to a Friend about your college shortlist is a must. Explain to them exactly where you see yourself and see if they see you there too. Having an unbiased opinion can help a lot, especially if it comes from a person who knows you well. 

Visit the School and the Campus 

If a picture says a thousand words, then an actual visit to the Campus says as much as a thousand pictures would. Use this time to speak with some students who may be still on the Campus and ask about their experience there. Use online essays help to find out how to best approach writing a college application essay. Once you have an idea of what this college is like, it should be a breeze. 

Prepare Questions for Prospective Students Guides

While on Campus, prepare Questions for Student Guides. Any options for going out, the dormitory, and part-time job opportunities are a great way to stay informed. Use this time wisely. 

Schedule an Overnight Stay

A college overnight stay can tell you a lot about social life. This should not be your main focus, but consider that you will spend several years living here. Having places to hang out is important. Just ask a high school student from any small town in the USA. 

Investigate Volunteering Options / Extracurricular Activities

During your College, you will need to start building your portfolio, so ask around and see if there are any volunteer places. If there are none, ask about any extracurricular activities you could take after school. This is the best time to make a good portfolio. 

Investigate Job Opportunities After College

Try to find out about how many college graduates find a job quickly and how many find it difficult to lend the first job. This may be a good indicator of what major to choose and how appreciated the diploma would be. Be smart, do not pay the price later on. 

Final Remarks

As graduation nears, the pressure intensifies. Instead of letting it pile up on you, you should go and start thinking early. Remember that an early bird catches the worm, and use this as a motto in the next few months. Follow our 10 Tips for Choosing the Right College and see yourself in your dream college this time next year. 

Merissa Moore

Merissa Moore loves traveling and reading. She particularly likes old European capitals. She hopes to establish a writing agency one day and teach others about the benefits of reading. 


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  1. It’s so expensive.

  2. It’s amazing that how this turned into some business. All these kids are brainwashed thinking that just because they been excepted to a high-ranking school and what it cost they think they’re guaranteed a high-paying job. It’s not always that. These kids need to know what they want to major in instead of wasting parents money and time

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