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12 suitors line up to take reins of Bergen Regional



Twelve health care companies have expressed interest in taking over Bergen Regional Medical Center, including an overture from a coalition of local hospitals and a long-term-care facility.

County officials said the health care entities responded to a “request for qualifications” from those who might be interested in managing the county-owned, 1,000-bed hospital when the contract of its current for-profit operator expires next year.

4 thoughts on “12 suitors line up to take reins of Bergen Regional

  1. I hope whoever “wins” renames it Bergen Pines.

  2. Thought Valley was not-for-profit? Audrey just wants to run a “hospital system” to justify her $2 million a year or get paid even more… She’s the highest paid hospital CEO in NJ running a single hospital, but not even that stops them from naming it “Valley Hospital System” because they have a few satellite buildings. All about ego and greed.

  3. 10:28 am what does this have to do with the article? As for Audrey she comes in at #9.

  4. Somewhere along the line “ego and greed” took over a good community hospital. This particular situation with Bergen Pines aside, the residents of Ridgewood will be the ones paying a huge short, and long term price for continuing to massage all the egos involved if this ridiculous expansion comes close to getting approved. A regional does not belong in the middle of ANY residential neighborhood.

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