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13-year-old child’s SE bicycle Stolen in front of Yama Sushi in Glen Rock

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Glen Rock NJ, on Saturday June 4th at 3:44 PM , a Glen Rock resident reported that their 13-year-old child’s SE bicycle, valued at $1,000, was taken from in front of Yama Sushi on the 900 block of Lincoln Avenue.  According to the youth, the bicycle was left unlocked and unattended in front of the store and was gone when they returned.

Officers checked video footage from an adjacent store which showed that an individual wearing a white tee shirt, riding a purple and white bicycle, came through the parking lot and approached the unattended bicycle.  The actor took the victim’s bicycle and left the one they were riding behind.

The bicycle left behind was taken into custody as evidence and the adjacent store will provide copies of the video images to the Detective Bureau.

4 thoughts on “13-year-old child’s SE bicycle Stolen in front of Yama Sushi in Glen Rock

  1. Yea!
    Glen Rock makes the headlines again!
    GR is the new Paterson. Their moving right in.
    Liberal central gets its payback.
    Good luck…your gonna need it.

  2. Some Good Life Lessons here:

    1) Lock up your valuables

    2) Don’t give kids $1000 bikes

    3) Police should be funded

    4) Law and order show be taught in schools,,, not villified.

    Probably none of these lessons will be learned.

    1. and 5)

      Vote for candidates who will follow governing principles, not leftist ideology.

      6) Read the minutes of the council meetings and other board/commission meetings to find out what is REALLY going on. And if you can’t find the minutes, ask WHY.

  3. Seriously, this town has something unsavory happening in it everyday…..

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