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2013 VILLAGE BUDGET– January 30, 2013 Status

The information in this section is a working document of Village Finance and Village Manager’s Office.

The Village Council approves the 2013 budget, after a thorough process of which these documents are the current discussion following department requests and CFO/Manager negotiations with the department.

Included in this folder are:

1.) 2012 Budget Newsletter (for reference) – Click Here

2.) 2012 Adopted Budget – Click Here

3.) 2013 edited budget discussion presented at 1-30-13 Council workshop

Pages 1 -14

General, budget options: base, zero increase, zero tax increase

Timeline (page 1-2)

Amount to be raised by taxation (page 3)

Budget Revenue (pages 4-6)

Budget Appropriations (pages 7-12)

Discussion of potential revenue increase (pages 13-14)

Please understand, this is not a final document. It will not be voted on by the Council in this form. There will be opportunities for you, if interested, to appear before the Council and comment or question the proposed 2013 Budget prior to final adoption by the Council. In addition to Council meetings the meeting times of department discussions with the Council will be posted on the Village’s website –

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