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  1. Everyone needs to wash their hands. There’s a bad flu going around. If you’re sick stay home.

  2. Free parking at the garage the rest of the year. It would help with the stores.

  3. And that’s the key about washing hands. It could be flu, COVID, anything. Times have changed in how we safeguard ourselves

  4. I can’t stand when people handle money and then they help me with food and they don’t wash their hands. That’s disgusting especially when they handle money with one hand and the glove is on the other they think that’s clean and it’s not.

  5. What’s up with that, I guess they were expecting someone not being polite, they needed the police there, is this what Ridgewood is coming to I guess so. It’s because so many people are pissed off. Extremely angry , Would just upset. I remember a few years back that top officials said that they unhappy one individuals. Use the word angry. Really good with it.

    1. voting has consequences

  6. Good morning lads let’s get those leaves picked up. Let’s take advantage of this weather. Let’s be smart.

  7. All I can say, is a big, baba buoy baba buoy.

  8. Big talks at Valley Hospital this week, supposedly, when are they going to have a press release regarding informing the public of closure of Valley

  9. Drivers better check your lug nuts!!!

    1. The Town needs to check their thinking Lug Nuts rattling around their priority thinking and reasoning centers .

      Example : how many times do they authorize re-Sodding of athletic fields
      so some soccer team can kick a ball into a net . This is not a forever commitment the taxpayers will be on the hook for.

      People move out due insanity of all these mismanaged priorities for ball fields in absolute Flood plains …Yeah I am sure every new mayor will sell us down the flooding brooks fools game..

      People just move out and realtors love the revenue churn..

  10. We are still waiting for the village manager to make sure all supervision vehicles are properly marked, Letter’d ,numbered, with the village sticker on the vehicles. Because we are still conducting our investigation, and have witnessed with her own eyes some vehicles or not wise is still occurring. Why are they still being sneaky? What are they hiding? These vehicles do not belong to the police detective bureau.

  11. Merry Christmas everybody, everyone enjoy your day. Worried about spending time with your family that comes first Health then Work.

  12. Yes in 2024. All village vehicles and all departments will be properly identified. And not just with M – g plates.
    So Mr. manager let’s see if you could get this done.

  13. Oh yes, well I can say is for 2023 . Baba buoy baba buoy..

  14. Coffee time

  15. We do hope the village management are taken care of the employees that are working through the storm. With fresh hot coffee, and meals.

  16. Very interesting why would somebody put thumbs down on having villager vehicles properly marked and numbered. That must be the individual that is driving it, someone’s very sneaky . knock it off. We’re watching you. Every time you bite that hotdog, my eye is on you.

    1. Big threats from someone who consistently can’t seem to figure out how to comment on the correct article.

  17. Baba buoy

  18. Maybe that person doesn’t give two shits about the topic. Obviously, you do so write a letter to the newspaper.

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