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2022’s Best Cities for Witches

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photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Witches are among us. You just won’t find them wearing pointy hats, riding broomsticks, or boiling eye of newt in a cauldron — not the real ones, at least.

So, witch cities are best for living a charmed life?

With Halloween quickly approaching, Lawn Love did a little data magick to conjure up 2022’s Best Cities for Witches

We compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on access to covens, tarot readers, and astrology classes. We also looked for cities brimming with natural healers, herbalists, and metaphysical supply stores, among 18 total metrics.

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Check out the 10 witchiest (and 10 most cursed) cities below, followed by key insights from our report. (See where your city ranks.)

Best Cities for Witches

1New York, NY
2Los Angeles, CA
3Houston, TX
4Chicago, IL
5Las Vegas, NV
6San Diego, CA
7Portland, OR
8Seattle, WA
9Austin, TX
10San Francisco, CA

Worst Cities for Witches

1 (TIE)Pasadena, TX
1 (TIE)Warren, MI
3Paterson, NJ
4North Las Vegas, NV
5Thornton, CO
6Olathe, KS
7Yonkers, NY
8Miramar, FL
9Bridgeport, CT
10Cape Coral, FL

Key insights:

Magical melting pot: New York has bewitched us for the second year in a row, leading the way as the best city for witches. From urban soothsayers to spiritual consultants to hexers of the New York Stock Exchange, witchcraft is popular in The Big Apple.

NYC flies to the No. 1 spot in each category of our ranking — a rare feat. The city has the most witch, Wiccan, pagan, and magick groups and tarot readers. What better place to host a supernatural gathering than in the best city for witches and vampires?

Brewing Pacific potions: Manifestation and New Age spiritualism have become popular in Western states, but their local Wiccans and pagans don’t forget about the Old Religion, either. No wonder witchy West Coast cities took up half of our top 10 this year.

Los Angeles brings home the silver, with plenty of Covens and Supplies (No. 2 in both). Yoga and reiki healing are popular in LA, San Diego (No. 6), and San Francisco (No. 10). In the Northwest, Portland (No. 7) takes second place in witch, Wiccan, pagan, and magick groups, while Seattle (No. 8) boasts plenty of herbalists and astrology classes.

Lone Star sorcery: Texas is full of hexes, with the Texas Triangle cities spellbound to the top of our ranking. Houston lands at No. 3, tying with four other cities for the highest number of pagan churches. Austin (No. 9) continues to Keep It Weird with plenty of Covens (No. 6), while Dallas (No. 12) hosts many witch Facebook groups. San Antonio (No. 13) fared well in Supplies (No. 7).

Not all of the Lone Star State is witch-friendly, though. Seventeen smaller Texas cities and suburbs landed at the bottom half of our ranking, with Pasadena tied for last place alongside Warren, Michigan.

Our full ranking and analysis are available here:

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  3. However lighthearted the tone of this piece, its author is basically celebrating and encouraging satanism and the occult.

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