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2nd Ridgewood house fire within 90 minutes


Photo credit:  Boyd A. Loving
2nd Ridgewood house fire within 90 minutes
November 28th 2014
Boyd A. Loving
6:10 PM

Ridgewood NJ, A fire that began on the second floor of a home located at 19 Liberty Street, Ridgewood, reported at approximately 4:30 PM on Friday, 11/28, was quickly extinguished by Ridgewood fire fighters with the assistance of fire personnel from Glen Rock and Waldwick.  The fire may have started in a clothes dryer and spread to clothing left on top of the unit.  Flames were visible through a second floor rear window of the home.  No injuries were reported.  East Ridgewood Avenue was closed between South Irving Street and South Maple Avenue due to hose lines stretched across the roadway.  The fire was contained to one room, however smoke and water damage impacted the first floor below and attic above.




Photo credit:  Boyd A. Loving


3 thoughts on “2nd Ridgewood house fire within 90 minutes

  1. Ridgewood has professional firefighters…..why are volunteers helping out? Ridgewood can’t cover the nut?.??
    Saved another basement…….

  2. Sure looks like there is more than a basement left to me. What’s your problem #1 are bsdents all your department saves?

  3. #1 probably tried to be a fireman but couldn’t cut it. Therein lies the animosity.

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