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3 Steps to Take When Changing the Date of Your Wedding

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Planning your wedding and setting the date can be challenging for anyone. The logistics of it all are often dizzying to enthusiastic couples who simply want to formalize when they can make this beautiful step in life together in front of adoring friends and family. What’s worse is deciding on the perfect date, then having to postpone or otherwise change it due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Of course, due to COVID-19 restrictions, many couples have had to find ways to change their wedding date gracefully and courteously, all while feeling disappointed and sad. There are some steps you can take to let your guests know the date change quickly and effectively. Here are three of those steps you might consider if you need to change your wedding date for any reason.

1. Formalize a New, Agreed-Upon Date 

In uncertain times, this step is understandably more challenging, but in cases like the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone will understand your reasoning. The point, though, is to look at things realistically, regardless of the reason for the date change. 

By changing the date amid coronavirus concerns and restrictions, you’ll also want to consider the fact that other local couples have had to do the same, potentially causing a bottleneck at area venues, dress shops, bakeries, and florists. Add to that, some members of your family might need to adjust their schedule and travel arrangements to attend.

On your end, stay flexible regarding a new date, venue, vendors, and more, and make sure your family and friends can make it.

2. Plan Virtual Pre-Wedding Events 

Changes to your wedding plans can cause havoc with all the related pre-wedding events, such as bachelor parties and bridal showers. Guests might have already planned time off from work, so they might find it more challenging to get the time off for a later date. In that vein, schedule some pre-wedding events to keep everyone, including the bride and groom, ready and excited for the big event. 

You can use Zoom, Skype, or another video conferencing platform to host a virtual pre-wedding event with all your friends and family. Simply decorate your home or apartment as you would if you were getting together in person, creating a party atmosphere that includes snacks and drinks. Remember to encourage all the party members to create their own party environment to get in the mood.

3. Keep Everyone in the Loop with New Save-the-Dates

As you go through the process of changing your wedding date, make sure to keep everyone informed along the way via save-the-date cards. People who love you will be happy to go along with the steps you need to make to get to your big day safely and happily. You might even explore creating special change-the-date cards to let everyone know the status of the big event and when they can expect things to move forward.

A Solid Wedding Date Change Strategy Will Make it Easier for Everyone 

If nothing else, the COVID-19 pandemic showcased our strong flexibility, adaptability, and resiliency. But while you might need to change your wedding date for any number of reasons, do it in a way that helps you and your partner feel better while showing the utmost respect to your guests. Let everyone know your plans and reassure them that you’re trying to find the best alternatives for everyone and that you can’t wait for them to join you on your big day.


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  1. Just don’t do it!

  2. If you forgot the first time make sure to get a prenetual agreement. Chances are high these days that you will be getting divorced down the road.

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