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4 Little-Known Ways to Expand Your Vocabulary

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There is never any harm that can be done by expanding your vocabulary, and in fact, you can derive huge benefits from expanding your vocabulary. Expanding your vocabulary will allow you to communicate more effectively and express yourself in a way you may not have been able to before, as well as communicate with a class of people that you may not have ever had to or been able to communicate with before. Expanding your vocabulary also allows you to read books you may not ordinarily have picked up and learn more effectively without the need for a thesaurus and dictionary being next to you and having to reference them all of the time.

This page will tell you four little-known (or seldom used) methods of expanding your vocabulary and becoming brighter and more intelligent. Learning and mastering your native language (or a secondary language) is fantastic and should be something you are very proud of yourself for doing.  Many people are content to simply know the basics – and that is the difference between an outgoing person and one who is afflicted with laziness. Trying to learn new words is admirable and should be something that should be encouraged.

Word Unscrambling Tools

Word unscrambling tools are not perhaps the first thing you may think of when it comes to learning new words and improving your vocabulary. You would be surprised to find out, however, that they are highly effective and in fact can be very beneficial in improving your vocabulary and learning many new words. Using a word unscramble tool can be a fantastic start to your vocabulary improvement journey. These tools work by rearranging a series of seemingly unintelligible letters into sentences and words. A fantastic way for you to improve your vocabulary, that you may not have thought of, is to randomly key in letters without any pattern or structure and see what emerges.

By doing this, you will learn words you could never have thought of or found and improve your vocabulary tenfold. Word unscrambling tools should definitely be considered as part of your wider learning method and are a fantastic way for you to learn new words without having to painstakingly trawl through dictionaries, thesauruses, and books. Try one out using the format suggested here and you will very quickly realize how beneficial they can really be for you to learn new words.

Synonym Services

Synonym services are a relatively new technological invention that works like a plug-in and aid you in learning new words and improving your vocabulary. Synonym services can be downloaded and used by your web browser. They work, when activated, by offering synonyms for every single word on a web page that you are using; the best way to use these is to visit an online encyclopedia where you know you will find thousands of words and lots of content and activate the synonym service. It will then provide synonyms for every single word on the page, thereby giving you the opportunity to learn words you could never have imagined, as well as learn words that can be used in place of more commonly used words. Synonym services are something you should definitely check out as part of your mission to improve your vocabulary.

Visual Thesaurus

A visual thesaurus is a web page that can be used to find synonyms and words. Much like the previously mentioned service, a visual thesaurus will offer you a multitude of potential synonyms to replace words that you may commonly use with more abstract and intelligent-sounding language. A visual thesaurus is not a plug-in, and rather a standalone page that you can copy and paste the text into. Visual thesauruses should definitely be used by anybody that is weary of downloading plug-ins and programs (of which many people are). It is the same service, albeit safer and without risk of viruses or malware.


As was mentioned in the introduction, some of these points will be seldom used rather than little known. Reading to learn new words is slowly dying out. Younger generations, instead of reading, are turning toward social media and television in favour of entertainment, and because of this, people are not learning as many words as they possibly can, nor are they mastering their own languages. Reading to learn new words is a great way to expand your vocabulary and a very fantastic way for you to become more intelligent and be able to express yourself.

Now, with the help of this page, you know four little-known (or… seldom used) methods of improving your vocabulary. Start improving your vocabulary little by little, day by day, until you have mastered it! Don’t stop until you’re the best!

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  2. Read authors with better vocabularies than you. Read good biographies.

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