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42% of COVID-19 deaths in America Come From 3 States New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,despite the recent coronavirus surge in southern states, three states—New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts—account for about 42 percent of COVID-19 deaths in America.

Nearly 7,000 residents and staff of long-term care facilities, including nursing and veterans homes, died from COVID-19 after the Murphy Administration issued directives that may have prevented their ability to keep infected patients from being admitted.

“It’s possible that half of New Jersey’s COVID-19 deaths can be attributed to irresponsible directives from the Department of Health that led to major outbreaks,” said Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26). “The families of those who died deserve to know what went wrong, and surviving residents deserve to know that they’re safe. The legislative investigation we’ve proposed would help us to make those determinations and to put a spotlight on any outstanding issues that must be addressed.”

Few may have noticed that 42 percent of all COVID deaths in the US come from just three states—New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. These three states account for nearly 56,000 of the nearly 133,000 deaths in the US, even though they represent just 10 percent of the population. If these three states are excluded, the US suddenly finds itself somewhere in between nations such as Luxembourg (176/1M) and Macedonia (166/1M), where some of the better fatality numbers in Europe are found.

Why have New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts suffered so much more than other US states? We don’t yet know the answer to that question, but evidence suggests it could be policy related.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo earlier this year received a great deal of criticism when the state’s policy of prohibiting nursing homes from screening residents for COVID-19 came to light. Cuomo eventually reversed that decision under intense criticism from public health experts and trade group leaders.

This week, the New York State Department of Health issued a report that concluded 6,326 COVID-positive residents were admitted to nursing homes between March 25 and May 8 as a result of the order.

”The data shows that the nursing home residents got COVID from the staff, and presumably, also from those who visited them. Unfortunately, we did not understand the disease early on, we did not realize how widespread it was within our community, and therefore, it was able to be introduced into a vulnerable population,” said New York Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker.  ( )

11 thoughts on “42% of COVID-19 deaths in America Come From 3 States New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts

  1. They better get their shit together because if the numbers come back up next month that shits gonna hit the fan. Especially in a school system.

  2. Thats pretty funny since these three state got on thieir high horse and banded together to restrict, ban and quarantine visitors from other states they deem to be “hot spots”.

  3. I guess people are washing their hands. Think about how many people working in restaurants are going to the bathroom.and They were not washing and sweating like Dirty pics going back in the kitchen.

  4. The info. from the post is outdated. The “article” mentions the 133K deaths and we are now over 154K. In turn, the link is from a July 20th report – two weeks ago – which for COVID data is a long time ago. I looked at the current data and those three states are now about 37% and dropping. I would hope people could see that if NY, NJ, Mass and CT were run by republican governors the number of cases and deaths would sadly be much much higher around here….hey but at least we would have been able to go the gym all spring.

    The death rates in those states and CT are admittedly the highest and that is mostly attributed to the fact that everyone (politicians ((both sides)), health care professionals and everyone else) were not properly prepared with PPE and other needs when this all hit us earlier this year.

  5. The Cuomo principle.

    Any good news = Our planning and compliance paid off.

    Any bad news = Trump’s fault.

  6. You believe Trump has handled this well? It’s been mixed messages from the top from day one. Very poor executive leadership through the pandemic.

    1. a lest he didnt murder seniors like Murphy and Cuomo

  7. Not defending anyone’s handling or mishandling of this situation, but “murder” is an inflammatory word that should not be just thrown out there. I say this as someone who had two elderly relatives (in two different assisted living locations) who both died from the virus. Thorough investigations should be done.

    1. murder is murder, Murphy and Cuomo used policies that targeted the most vulnerable

  8. Murphy and Como loyally subscribe to their party’s obvious (though unstated) credo that Orange Man Bad needs to be defeated and driven out of office by January 2021 BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    New York’s and New Jersey’s long-term-care residents unwittingly served as canon fodder in the much larger war the national donkey party (and the bipartisan swamp/deep state) is currently waging for its very survival.

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