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$48 million dollar Referendum: BOE budgets have been defeated before. Defeated budget do and have sent a strong message.

>The original poster, exclaims at the surprise to the opposition of turf fields added in the education budget, refers didn’t believe turf fields issue would become a lightening rod of opposition to the budget. Another post referred to Ridgewood as being ‘anti-jock’, and yet said not surprised from previous opposition, as when they did Maple Park. So then if they already knew strong opposition exits, why attach the turf on the referendum? Hoping to slide it through. Separate it before it goes to poll. It should be dealt with separately. Period.
You say you haven’t seen a boe budge ever defeated before? Been here long enough to say Yes, boe budgets have been defeated before. Defeated budget do and have sent a strong message.

Heads up, the opposition to turf fields, is not just a Ridgewood issue as you’d like people to believe. Statewide, in other towns, communities, and in other states, there also was, and has been the same opposition to turf fields. So, lets stop the negative accusation that the Ridgewood taxpayers are being just unreasonable, whether it be due to finances, or to their strong preference in wanting the real natural grass.

By the way, a previous post replied to a rotation replacement of turf fields question; by saying the rotation would be done with Maple when that time comes and that should satisfy the need for rotation replacement of fields, yet says the HS and Stevens fields would need to be done, installation at same time for cost savings. Not the answer I was looking for. IF there might be turf fields at HS and Stevens, those should be staggered years apart, so not to cause a big bite on the taxpayers down the road for replacement.

As far as Maple – that was not taxpayer dollars funded, as we all know. It was privately funded not costing the taxpayers a dime. It should not then fall in the lap and cost the taxpayers a dime either IF when it might need to be removed, disposed and IF replaced. The neighborhood kids that have played on both grass and turf, have told me last year, that they do prefer the grass, the turf is just an ‘ok’. No spin needed on the background of lack of play fields, etc., we all already are aware of whats been said. thank you. By the way, what happened to all that money that was saved by using turf at Maple? Last town budget was in the hole.

Have read that Christie plans, will be asking the state to perform audits on the costliest school districts to ensure the money is spent efficiently, in an attempt to uncover spending that doesn’t directly help educate students. Its reported his plan for reducing property taxes will target the costliest school districts in NJ to be held more accountable. Oh!-“fiscal responsiblity by the BOE”. He should read this blog, ha. Also read plans to eliminate positions in the DEP. Wait till he audits Ridgewood – stampede! They’ll be running for nearest exit. It’s also about time, haveing someone to stand up to the NJEA. If the teachers go on strike – so be it, they’ll be replaced, many waiting in the wings, things happen for the better, maybe its time.

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