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$48 million dollar Referendum : I am currently watching the BoE meeting.

>I am currently watching the BoE meeting. The referendum came up. They discussed it for a total of FIVE minutes. Brogan said to come to the next public forum at GW on 11/30 to talk about the referendum. Goodman wanted to correct the record in TRW that BF would not be turfed. Hutton said if you want to know why there should be turf, just walk across Stevens field. Brogan(?) said (for a half-minute) that the referendum is more than just fields – and then the talk turned to turf again. Vallerini said that there is no way to change the referendum. (Then, what’s the point to discuss anything, as Brogan said at the opening, other than to push for a ‘yes’ vote)

It seems to me that the BoE wants you to come to the forums or BoE meetings so they can regulate/control the message. Some of the detractors of this blog seem afraid that we may develop an opinion without the proper spin applied by the BoE.

At least, I didn’t hear ‘lets do it for the kids’ once…yet!

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