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6 Good Reasons That Will Convince You To Get A Covid-19 Vaccine As Soon As Possible

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The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone around the world since its arrival in 2020. Most of us have been affected by Covid-19, whether it be knowing someone who has experienced it or known people who have lost a loved one because of it. At present, it shows no sign of abating. 

There have been more strains discovered, along with different symptoms presenting themselves. Some good news of late has been the introduction of various vaccinations formulated to fight against Covid-19. This article discusses six reasons why you should get one of these vaccinations as soon as possible.

1.A Covid-19 Vaccination is Safe

All Covid-19 vaccinations have undergone evaluation in clinical trials. Do not be misinformed by people because of their fame, instead seek more info from credible and reliable sources to better inform you about how to protect yourself and others. They only receive approval for use on the public if they have been deemed safe as a result of these trials. Furthermore, they will only receive authorization for use as a vaccination if they are successful in substantially reducing the chances of Covid-19 being contracted again.

2.A Covid-19 Vaccination will help you Safely build up to Protection 

We know that Covid-19 can cause severe complications and in some cases even be life-threatening. The chances of you passing on Covid-19 to others is high if you contract it. The benefits of having the vaccination will outweigh the dangers of not having it. In addition, the vaccination will help your body create antibodies to fight it without you experiencing any sickness. This is in contrast to gaining natural protection after having Covid-19. At present the duration of this natural protection is unknown.

3.A Covid-19 Vaccination will help stop the Pandemic

We are in the midst of a pandemic and have all had to make sacrifices. We do not know when this will be over but if more people had the vaccination we may be better able to know this.  We can do things to help stop the spread of Covid-19, like avoid going out unless necessary, maintain good personal hygiene, like handwashing, and wearing a mask when out. However, these precautions will not help stop the pandemic, alone. The truth is, we need to do these things in addition to taking the Covid-19 vaccination. If we all did this or did what we can, as some may not be able to do all these things for various reasons, we would see a significant difference.

4.A Covid-19 Vaccination will help Protect your Community

Receiving the Covid-19 vaccination is not just about protecting yourself, it is about protecting others; your loved ones, friends, neighbours, and strangers. 

It is about protecting those with health conditions who cannot take the appropriate safety measures to stop the spread of Covid, like wearing masks, or take the vaccination. People like this rely on herd immunity. They rely on people with good health to do the right thing and do things like wearing a mask and get vaccinated to protect them via the very important nature of herd immunity. 

5.A Covid-19 Vaccination will help Prevent a continued Threat to Public Health

If people refuse to do what they can to help stop the spread of Covid-19, it will never go away or be at manageable levels. It is already thought to be mutating. Our health services are overrun with Covid-19 patients, which naturally impacts other aspects of our health service. This includes routine operations and treatments for illnesses like cancer. This is also a continued threat to public health that Covid-19 is causing, albeit indirectly. 

If we all did what we could, including being vaccinated, our collective effort will prevent Covid-19 from continuing to control our lives. 

6.A Covid-19 Vaccination is better than the Alternatives

Without people taking the Covid-19 vaccination, the pandemic will continue to be rampant. More people will be affected, either with long term health implications or even death. Many more will be financially impacted as more businesses suffer from loss of profits. Our healthcare system will be overrun with Covid patients. Nothing will change, but instead, things will worsen.

When will it end? No one knows. However, we can help take control of how Covid-19 has taken over our lives by fighting back. Taking the immunisation and taking the necessary precautions is the first step. Looking after our mental health is the next. Spreading the word about the effectiveness of the vaccinations, based on truth and not false stories is the next step. This is the best way we can ensure our survival and demonstrate our faith in the medical professionals who have so diligently worked to provide a safe and reliable vaccination. 


10 thoughts on “6 Good Reasons That Will Convince You To Get A Covid-19 Vaccine As Soon As Possible

  1. “Ya been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!”

  2. Nope, not convinced yet!

  3. How much do you think Biden’s and Harris’ anti-vaccine statements made during the campaign are having on the public at large? I understand how campaigning and politics work, but they both came out with very strong positions on why they felt it wasn’t going to be safe. Harris flat out said she would bot be taking it. They both immediately switched their positions after winning the election, but I just wonder how much of an effect their initial statements (only a few weeks ago) had?

  4. What effect do you think they are having?

  5. “Harris flat out said she would bot be taking it. “

    This is false. Watch the debate again. She said if public health professionals cleared it, she would take it.

  6. Well… Biden and Harris are unprincipled liars, so there’s that.

  7. Harris did not say she would not be taking it.

  8. Harris did not say she would not be taking it.

  9. Biden& Harris were never against the vaccine, just the slow rollout.

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