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6 Handy Additions That Will Make Your Aquarium Better

Anyone who keeps an aquarium will know that it’s not as easy as it looks. Each fish will have its individual requirements, and the water will need regular attention. Some people start small and increase their aquarium size over time. They add new fish as they learn more and can afford to buy them. There are loads of different accessories people can buy, each serving a different function. We will now take a look at six items that can improve anyone’s aquarium.

1. Wood

Having wood in an aquarium can be aesthetically pleasing, but also benefit the fish. People use driftwood to provide inverts and fish with both shelter and food. It comes from beaches, rivers, and lakes. Wood helps create amazing aquascapes, especially heavily planted ones. Bogwood, March Root, or Mopani Wood can create a platform for some fish to lay eggs whilst others feed on the algae and aufwuchs (tiny animals) that live in it. 

2. A Temperature Gun

It is essential to maintain the correct aquarium temperature at all times. A lot of people use stick-on thermometers that look grubby and don’t provide the most accurate readings. If someone needs to maintain the water temperature, it is worth considering a temperature gun. It’s fun as well, as people simply point it at anything and pull the trigger. The readings appear digitally on a backlit LCD screen. They can often show the readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. They have a variety of uses beyond fish tanks, however; they can even be used to check computer temperatures!

3. A Water-Change Siphon

One of the reasons people have to keep the water clean is to stay on top of the algae. When it is being changed, a water-change siphon will help remove the uneaten food or residual waste that’s floating around. It will also ‘vacuum’ the gravel. People who do not wish to suck the tube first can buy one with an integrated hand pump. It will be possible to change the water within minutes using this apparatus. 

4. An Automatic Fish Feeder

Many cat owners use feeders with built-in timers when they go away for the weekend. They can automatically open up a tray of food after 24 or even 48 hours. Automatic fish feeders operate on a similar basis. If someone is going away on business or leisure, they can ensure the fish will have all they need during their absence. 

Whilst it is possible to delegate the job to a friend or neighbor, there is always the possibility they might forget – and this could prove fatal for the fish. If they are fed too much, the unused food could float around and make the water smell unpleasant. Automatic fish feeders can allocate flake food portions, although they work best with pellets. The aquarium owner can select the quantity required, and opt for the food to become available once or twice a day. Being battery powered, there is no need to fear a power cut, either!

5. A Sponge Filter

When providing filtration within the aquarium, no one wants small shrimps to be sucked into the current. In order for a sponge filter to work, there needs to be a bubbler in the tank already. If the filter is attached to this, it will create suction power. Unused food and waste will be absorbed into the sponge. Good bacteria will take up residence, and help kill the unwanted waste. These filters are great for both marine applications and freshwater fish. The sponge is highly porous, long-lasting, and easy to clean. 

6. Magnetic Algae Scraper

It’s the usual task of fish lovers to put their arms into the aquarium and to scrub the sides in order to remove the algae. When the scraper is magnetic, however, everything can be done from outside the tank.

The scraper pad goes into the aquarium, but an external handle connects to it magnetically. People can then slide up and down the glass, even reaching the most difficult parts of the tank, including the corners. The suction power is impressive and the scraper is non-slip. The brush is wear-resistant too. 

There are many things a person can buy to enhance the look of their aquarium and to help with its maintenance. As we have seen, wood looks great and serves the fish. There is also equipment such as temperature guns, sponge filters, magnetic algae scrapers, water change siphons, and automatic fish feeders. 

Over time an aquarium keeper can build up an armory of impressive equipment and a collection of stunning fish. When they are admired by every visitor, it isn’t hard to understand why so many choose this pastime to while away the hours.

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