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6 Innovative Ideas that will Make your Restaurant Decoration Stand Out

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A restaurant can be loved by customers because of the unique characteristics the place holds. Though food is a major contributing factor, your restaurant’s popularity doesn’t entirely depend on food anymore as the visual appearance of the place also plays a huge role in attracting customers to visit your restaurant. While the exterior of your restaurant will make the first impression, the interior decorations will be the main components dictating your restaurant’s aesthetic. In the era of Instagram-crazy people, the majority of people’s deciding factor to eat in a particular place is their decorations and ambiance. That said, paying more attention to give your restaurant an aesthetic look that stands out from the rest of the crowd is important. To help, here are some ideas or tips to help you design or improve the look of your restaurant.

1.Come Up with A Theme

You might think themed restaurants are a bit over the top and unoriginal, but themed restaurants are actually pretty loved by a lot of people. If you opt to have one, just be sure not to select too much of a cliché theme because those types get boring since so many people are already doing the same thing.

Come up with a unique theme for your restaurant, and try to be as original as possible with the decorations for the theme. You can also pick something that reflects your location, or your menu. Picking a theme will minimize the work for you, since all your decorations, designs, furniture, etc. will be based on a single motif.

2.Use Creative Seating  

Come up with a different sort of seating furniture and arrangement. The same plain-old chairs and tables just don’t cut it anymore. People want innovation, creativity, and something unique, so you should or could try to make booths or use uniquely styled stools instead of chairs. If your restaurant has a particular theme, your seating should become automatically more creative.

You could also consider designing a social distancing seating design that would separate tables according to the recent covid requirements. Portable screens could be set up between tables for privacy and the current health issues.

3.Showcase Local Artists

You can show your support to local artists and at the same time add an aesthetic look to your restaurant by showcasing the art of a few rising local artists. Having art as decoration will not only enhance the dining experience of your restaurant, these artworks will also create an authentic artsy vibe.

Plus, showcasing the art of local artists could mean weekly or monthly art openings, which would attract tons of customers including the fans, friends, and families of the artists.

4.Pay Attention to Your Lighting

The light settings at your restaurant will define the atmosphere that is formed, which in turn directly affects the likability of your place. Whether you choose bright or dim lighting according to the ambiance you want to create, it is important that you don’t go with the usual fluorescent bulbs or overhead lights. Instead, try something new and unusual lighting set up, or if you’re all out with a creative project, you could even DIY your light fixtures.

Whether you go with ambient or accent lightings, there are some really great innovative designs and lighting ideas you can try. You could try pendant lights, lights attached to your ceiling fans, wall lamps, track lighting, recessed or LED lighting. Each of these lighting setups will give your restaurant space a unique look, so choose according to the style and ambiance you want to establish.

5.Pick a Color Scheme

The best way to revamp the interior of your restaurant is to select a new color scheme. Whether you’re redecorating your restaurant or starting a new one, choosing a color scheme that complements your style or something that is based on the theme you selected is important because the color scheme you choose for your restaurant will define a major part of your aesthetics.

The color scheme would also play a role in attracting your customers, as you might know how colors work in human psychology. Some colors are attractive to almost all people and induce appetite while others have an opposite reaction. For example, the colors red, orange, yellow, green are considered to be good choices for a restaurant color theme. While you might want to be wary of a blue or purple color theme as they are considered highly unappetizing colors.

6.Go with An Open-Floor Plan

Open-floor plan restaurants give your customers something exciting to look forward to. People actually appreciate it when they can see the process of their meals being prepared. Plus, if you showcase the dedicated space artistically with expertise then all the better. You never know, the open-floor plan may even be your restaurant’s winning point.

Making sure your restaurant stands out in a sea of similar restaurants can be hard. So, giving your restaurant a unique and aesthetically pleasing visual appearance and ambiance is important so that your customers have a memorable dining experience and make your restaurant even more memorable.

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