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6 Quick-Fix Solutions To Your AC Problems At Home

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Summertime can be full of sun and fun and beautiful memories. It can also be brutal and excruciating if you’re having trouble with your air conditioning. When it’s too hot, productivity slows down, energy levels plummet, and sometimes, there are dangerous health risks.

The following will break down six of the simpler things you can do to deal with air conditioning difficulties in your home. Before beginning, it is important to note that if you, or someone else within the house, is experiencing a body temperature above 104 F or the symptoms of heatstroke, take immediate action to get that person cooled down before your start fiddling with the air conditioning.

1.Have You Tried Turning It On And Off Again?

We know, this is an annoying one to hear, but it’ll be even more annoying if you don’t give it a try before seeking professional help and it turns out to solve your problem. Turn it off and then on again. There’s a reason this tip applies to so many mechanical things: it often works. Don’t ask us why, it’s one of those magical ghost-in-the-machine things that we’ve not yet been able to figure out.

2.Check The Thermostat To Ensure You’ve Got It At A Cool Temperature

Another irritating one, but this happens to many folks. Make sure you’ve got the thermostat set to cool. Especially if the issue you’re dealing with is hot air coming out of your air conditioning unit, this might be the culprit. It’s easy to accidentally set your AC to heat when you meant to leave it on cool, and we all know how much little children love to move dials and press buttons. There’s a lot of ways this mishap could have occurred.

3.Rule Out All The Contender Issues Like Electrical Problems

This one should be pretty easy and will take only a few moments. You want to make sure that the air conditioning unit is plugged in, and that the issue doesn’t have anything to do with the outlet or circuitry in your home. If other electronics in the room are working fine, then likely your fuses are fine. If another electronic item plugged into the same outlet works without issue, then you know the outlet isn’t to blame.

4.If Your Unit Works Fine But Smells Terrible

There are many reasons an air conditioning unit might be producing a rancid smell. Because water is used in most systems, there is a chance for mold or mildew to grow and can have serious effects on the health of you and your loved ones. If you can clearly see the mold, deep cleaning will eliminate the smelly problem (and also help keep the air in your home healthy and clean).

If you cannot see any mold, the smell may be coming from within your air conditioning unit. You might need to take the unit apart to find the source of the smell. If you are nervous about doing this, you can find out more here about how you can fix the issue of a smelly air con by cleaning it thoroughly from within. Never ignore bad smells coming from your air conditioning, usually this means there is something being released in the air that your body doesn’t like. 

5.If Your Air Conditioning Unit Won’t Turn On

First, try lowering your thermostat by five to ten degrees. It sounds so simple you may be tempted to skip this point, but don’t. Many thermostats are finicky and you might find it was the specific temperature you chose that was the issue, not the air conditioning unit itself.

If the air conditioner still won’t turn on this might indicate an issue with the unit’s motor or compressor. This is an issue that requires professional help.

6.If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Working, But Not Cooling The House

If you find yourself nice and cool when standing next to your unit, but unbearably hot in another room, or even within the same room, but at a distance, this could indicate that the conditioning unit you have isn’t the right size for your space. There is also the possibility that the unit is the correct size, only the heat it is combating is so severe that it is struggling. If it is a normal summery day and you are still having this issue, you will likely need to call a professional. You can contact ac repair Denver to get the issue resolved right away.

Air conditioning can be one of life’s great joys, when it’s working properly, that is. The six tips above will help you troubleshoot some of the more common problems air conditioning units can have. This being said, the above is by no means exhaustive. As with all home-repair projects, if you do not feel qualified or comfortable to fiddle with something, don’t. Calling a professional (or a relative or a neighbor) is always an acceptable response to a home repair problem.

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