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“And Thine Eye Shall Not Pity”


Here are some powerful words from Cheryl Bass, who wrote to the New Jersey Jewish News:

“And Thine Eye Shall Not Pity”

It is time for the Jewish people to take a close look at Senator Cory Booker and realize that the upcoming election affords us an opportunity to end his political reign in office. He is looking to put through legislation called REDEEM – Record Expungement Designed to Enhance Employment.

Those who have been convicted of non-violent crimes would get a “second chance”; another program to come down the pike right behind other failed programs also espousing “second chances”. They are not second chances when they become multiple chances.

Opportunity has been given through many programs at great expense; and the results are abysmal.

The United States is only 5% of the world population, but we have 25% of the world’s prison population. The percentages work out that way because of the many criminals. Maybe the criminals should stop committing crimes.

What Cory Booker is looking to do with this REDEEM ACT is:
1) change criminal responsibility to 18 years of age
2) expunge or seal records of juveniles of non-violent crimes before they turn 15
3) place limits on solitary confinements of juveniles
4) petition court to seal criminal records. Sealing records keep them out of FBI background checks requested by employers.

Enough already. Cory Booker was Mayor of Newark for many years. He was re-elected to that position. Opportunity was his to bring down unemployment (unemployment is higher than ever), reduce the crime rate of Newark (double the national average), improve the educational system (whatever became of the millions from Facebook), and in general improve the entire city of Newark (population has left the city and blighted areas from the 1967 riots remain).

Booker has even looked to get bi-partisan support from Rand Paul of Kentucky. Kentucky has half the population of New Jersey; the crime rate is below the national average. Kentucky’s capital is Frankfort with a population of 25,527; Newark’s population is 10 times that at 277,140. With all due respect Senator Rand Paul (R- KY), find another issue to attach your name to.

Last month, in the Parsha, Shoftim we read, “…And Thine Eye Shall Not Pity”: if you keep excusing crimes and letting the criminals be exonerated for those crimes, then those criminals and others who closely are watching are only encouraged to commit bigger crimes.

As Jewish people we cannot condone, we cannot excuse, we cannot overlook.

Do not encourage criminals to commit worse.

Do not vote for Cory Booker. Cast your vote for his opponent, Jeff Bell.

Cheryl Bass,
Spotswood, NJ

7 thoughts on ““And Thine Eye Shall Not Pity”

  1. Vapid and vacuous.

  2. Anonymous:

    Vapid and vacuous.

    The article or Booker?

  3. Anonymous:

    Vapid and vacuous.

    Agree 100%
    I’ve always said this about Booker.

  4. Booker turned out to be an enormous disappointment. He signaled an end to the third-world politics of Newark’s Sharpe James. He’s now moved on to bigger things having left behind a city that has worse stats than the ones he railed against in his campaign against James. The man has accomplished absolutely NOTHING, but in this bizarre alternate universe we now live in called image politics, he’s being touted as a future President. After all, why not? The current President’s accomplishments were equally as empty and the media all but refused to do their required due diligence.

  5. Cory is turgid and torpid.

  6. Cory Booker has an unusual personality, self-confidence, is hard to throw off his game, the camera just plain likes him, and the vast bulk of the major media reliably purrs like a kitten when he glances in its direction. Other than that we’re talking about a true cipher. An astonishing absence of true accomplishment, or deep or long-lasting relationships with ‘real people’ who are relatable and reliable and are willing to personally vouch for him. He has a shocking willingness to make up and perpetuate blatant myths and other tall tales and vignettes designed to rev up the warm and fuzzy factor in otherwise inattentive voters. He also seems to be riding somewhat of a wave of quasi-approval or anything-goes type of public attitude regarding non-traditional lifestyles, one or more of which he may or may not be leading on any given day, depending on what insinuation his PR people may believe is most politically advantageous for him. The Senator is a witches’ brew of quirks and strange traits that nobody can seem to quite pin down, figure out, or persuade enough additional people to believe or even think clearly about, at least not in time to make him pay at the ballot box.

  7. #6 – I knew Cory when he was growing up in Harrington Park. He was overweight and very shy…believe it or not.

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