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George W. Bush tops Obama on favorability in latest CNN Poll and other things your neighbors are thinking


George W. Bush tops Obama on favorability in new CNN/ORC poll 

By Mark Henschand other

The CNN/ORC poll reveals that 52 percent of Americans see Bush positively, while 43 percent do not.

In contrast, U.S. voters are split on their views of Obama.

The new poll finds that 49 percent view Obama favorably, while 49 percent do not.

Those ratings for Obama are down from a similar poll in March. During that sampling, 52 percent of Americans viewed him positively, while another 46 percent did not.

Bush’s numbers, meanwhile, mark a major shift for the former president since he departed office in early 2009, CNN said.

It noted that back then, a third viewed Bush favorably.

Poll: More now blame Obama’s policies for the current problems in Iraq than blame Bush’s


This may seem like a no-brainer — of course the guy who’s been in charge for six years bears more responsibility for the current state of affairs than his predecessor — but for much of the public, Iraq is “Bush’s war” unto eternity. That’s part of the media fascination with asking Republican contenders whether they’d order the invasion in 2003 knowing then what we know now. Implicit in that question is the idea that the last six years of Iraqi history were fated to happen once Bush gave the order to go 12 years ago. Republicans own this issue and they must answer for it, even though Hillary Clinton is the only top-tier candidate in either party who actually had some say over whether the war happened.

As it turns out, though, Republicans don’t own this issue anymore.

Clinton loses voter trust, favorability and lead against hypothetical GOP rivals

By S.A. Miller – The Washington Times – Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The public relations disaster that former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton suffered in March registered in a poll Tuesday, with possible Republican candidates surging ahead of her as voters doubt her honesty in key presidential swing states.

Mrs. Clinton lost ground in hypothetical matchups against every potential Republican rival in the bellwether states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania in the wake of an email scandal and other controversies that erupted last month, Quinnipiac University’s Swing State Poll found.

The closest contests are in Florida, where former Gov. Jeb Bush tops Mrs. Clinton 45 percent to 42 percent, and in Pennsylvania, where Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky narrowly beats her 45 percent to 44 percent, according to the poll.

Mrs. Clinton had the lead in both matchups in the same poll Feb. 2

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Obama approval heads downhill

By Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Polling Director

Updated 12:41 PM ET, Wed June 3, 2015

Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama’s job approval numbers are sinking as American attitudes about the nation’s progress have taken a turn for the worse, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

A majority of the public once again say things in the U.S. are going pretty badly and disapproval of Obama’s job performance has climbed back above 50% as well.

Overall, 47% say things in the country are going well, 52% that they’re going badly. That’s a reversal from March, when 53% said things were going well, the highest share to say so during Obama’s presidency. The shift comes across partisan and demographic lines, with no one group’s opinions driving the overall change.

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