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A business shouldn’t be allowed to operate out of a neighborhood park

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, are the supporters of Healthbarn concerned if the lease doesn’t get renewed Stacey Antine will no longer do good for Ridgewood through her Foundation?  That is not what the lease is about it is about Healthbarn USA a private for profit business.   Healthbarn foundation is headquartered in Lyndhust.  So why does every thing written about Healthbarn talk mainly about the foundation not about her classes going on in the park?

Healthbarn USA couldn’t possibly bring in $50,000 to the Village I am assuming that is including her rent.  Rent which would of been paid by a private tenant too.  Only a small number of classes are considered partnership don’t let the free advertising on the Parks & Rec website fool you that they are all partnership.  The amount of money the village spends on up keep of the old home costs tax payers a lot of money during the year.

A business shouldn’t be allowed to operate out of a neighborhood park it isn’t fair for the homes in the neighborhood.  This business belongs in a business area not in a park.

14 thoughts on “A business shouldn’t be allowed to operate out of a neighborhood park

  1. Tempest in a teapot.

    What’s going on at Schedler…?

  2. Healthbarn is becoming a national brand as evidence of their recent attendance at Nasdaq to ring the closing bell. Wake up.

    1000 residents yah
    2 residents nay
    = democracy

    I guess the mayor will close the 2 wilkes deli and parkwood. She should go visit strong healthy towns where mini business districts co exist. It improves overall town vehicle flow and benefits the local neighbors. Montclair has several

  3. We thought that house was going to be turned into the new headquarters of Parks and Recreation. And the stable was going to be turned into just a museum. And they were going to restore the Barnes at The farm.

  4. so mood that means they should pay a market rate or much higher rent ,right ?

  5. id rather have a hot dog stand

  6. Wilkes deli and park wood do not bring in camps, buses and field trips with up to 50 clients
    while the businesses regular classes are going on know the facts!!!
    after COVID if this business remains in the park it will go back to busy busy busy

  7. Bottom line is the town does not have the wherewithal or the resources to be a landlord to a large commercial business in a small residential neighborhood. Let it move to the CBD.

  8. Who cares ? Walk the park and mind your business not everyone is born into wealth like most ridgewood residents. The majority of the public has to hustle HARD for legal profits by any means Necessary let them be !

  9. @taxpayer there are many many more nay’s for a business in a park. any business. majority should not rule when it comes to tax payers quality of life. why do you or any of your cronies feel a business should get preference over even 1 neighbor? be kind and think would you want buses and noise all day in your yard

  10. @RidgewoodPBA …… some residence have to hustle to pay their taxes. why should a business get the towns support over the many residence that it effects? move the business not the families that have lived here for 25 years

  11. Let’s worry about picking up the Christmas trees.

  12. nope keep it a park. give it a rest Healthbarn fans if she is so great you can go elsewhere to drink and have dinner with her

  13. In response to the claim: “A business shouldn’t be allowed to operate out of a neighborhood park”. This claim needs some unpacking and defining.
    True, Habernickel is a “neighborhood” park – so are Van Neste Park and Central Park – all three are located well within the borders of a community, and are therefore neighborhood parks by definition. More parks in Ridgewood are neighborhood parks than are not.
    The word “neighborhood” is normally used in a positive context, describing the relative sameness of a smaller geographic area that lies within a larger community. But it is not used that way in this claim, and the intent is clear – to make everything not subjectively deemed to be part of the neighborhood by one or two NIMBY neighbors unfit to be there and thereby subject to harassment and/or removal
    Having disposed of the pejorative use of the word “neighborhood”, let’s look now at the word “business”.
    That a business should not operate in a park is disingenuous at best and intentionally deceitful at worst. True, Healthbarn is a business by definition, because it is not a governmental entity. But if a government entity, not a “business”, was performing all the same functions as Healthbarn in Habernickel, would the objections vanish? Probably not, because the NIMBY’s would only find another meaningless objection to the existence of such an entity.
    There are many different types of business (see ). Some would be entirely out of place in Habernickel ( a truck assembly plant, United Airlines, Yankee Stadium, etc.). In the case of HealthBarnUSA, a park-like setting is better suited to help fulfill their business mission – see .
    Have any of the the “anti-HealthBarn” cohort even gone to see firsthand what happens there, other than to document and exaggerate activities that would support their claims of “victimhood”? Probably not…
    The overblown claims offered by those opposed to HealthBarn’s location are shallow and demonstrative of a “me first, forget you” attitude not worthy of any resident of VOR. In fact, this type of attitude has no place in a modern civilized and free society, but it is sadly becoming more prevalent every day, and thus becoming more the rule than the exception. Too bad, NIMBYs – someday you will reap what you sow, and then you REALLY won’t like it.

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