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A Day the Beech, No NJMVC

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photo by B. L.

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Oakland NJ, why go to the beech when you can spend the day at NJMVC. We know the view of the dumpster  is not as impressive as the view of the Atlantic ocean , but hey no sharks . So if you have to head up to Oakland MVC we suggest you bring a picnic basket  and a good book .

4 thoughts on “A Day the Beech, No NJMVC

  1. The state is ridiculous with motor vehicle. It’s been a damn mess going back to the 80s. The place was always dirty, filthy ,rude people , Smelly people, at times disgusting. It should be a sign up at the front door telling people put deodorant on ,dirty bastards. They need to hire people keep the place open 24 seven to catch up.

  2. Motor vehicle is a joke. They need more agencies around. There should be one in Paramus.

  3. Paramus inspection station went well the other day. At no cost, how much longer do you think that will last?

  4. yesterday i went to paramus inspection station. took about 1 hour+15

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