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A New Navy Weapon Actually Stops You From Talking

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Acoustic Hailing and Disruption (AHAD) is a weapon invented by the US Navy designed to stop people from talking. It records speech and instantly broadcasts it at a target, disrupting a target’s concentration and discouraging them from continuing to speak. The broadcasted sound is in a narrow beam and directed so only the speaker can hear it. It makes a noticeable change in behavior in the target and will likely be confusing to anyone listening to the target person. The system can also project sound onto surfaces so that audio appears to come from the target. No word on whether the weapon will be tested on Facebook?

4 thoughts on “A New Navy Weapon Actually Stops You From Talking

  1. Can we use this on Bisig? Kaufmann?

  2. Wow the ultimate weapon!

    It took the US Navy to figure out that, if you could only hear yourself, you would shut up…

    Can the Navy dock this ship in Washington DC, just for a week?

  3. The lefties won’t like this.

  4. Lefties?
    I need dat shit in my kitchen by 8 am tomorrow.
    Oh boy the hag’s finally gonna get it!
    Best tax dollars I ever spent!

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