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Academically Ineligible Student Forces Montclair Forfeit to Ridgewood

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Ridgewood NJ, in the first-round playoff game the Ridgewood Maroons got a pass against the Montclair Mounties , and Ridgewood will now advance to the second round.

“Montclair High School self-reported a situation involving use of an ineligible student-athlete,” NJSIAA spokesperson Michael Cherenson told “As a result, by rule, their record will be updated to include multiple forfeits, including tonight’s first-round state championship tournament game against Ridgewood High School. Ridgewood High School has been notified that they will advance to the second round of the state championship tournament.”

Ridgewood is the No. 2 seed in North 2, Group 5, while Montclair was the No. 7 seed. But the Mounties beat the Maroons, 17-10, just two weeks ago. That game was co-head coach Chuck Johnson’s first chance at career win No. 300. He was still chasing the milestone victory entering the playoffs.

Montclair Superintendent Jonathan Ponds says the district learned  that an academically ineligible student was allowed to play for the Montclair High School football team this season due to an administrative oversight.

“We immediately reported the situation to the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, which informed us that the team has to forfeit its wins this year and is therefore ineligible for the state playoffs, including tonight’s game against Ridgewood,” said Ponds in a statement, adding that the district is working with the state to determine if there are other possible solutions.

“A report is generated by the athletic director before the season for each of our sports teams that lists ineligible players, and we are actively investigating why the oversight occurred. We are incredibly disappointed for our team and very proud of the hard work and commitment of our players, head coach, and his staff,” says Ponds.

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8 thoughts on “Academically Ineligible Student Forces Montclair Forfeit to Ridgewood

  1. And the varsity women’s soccer team won and is now in the state semi-final game.

    1. Brian do they have a website or facebook page ????

      1. Yes and thank you. Ridgewood girls soccer is the facebook page.

  2. Talk about luck for ridgewood, They don’t even have to play a game and they moved on.

    1. who does ridgewood play next and what day and where

  3. Something strange here with the old Montclair coach checking this kid’s file. He is now coaching at Elizabeth the article said.

    A few years ago North Bergen cheated with a kid that lived in Queens NY.

  4. Guess what my friend this shenanigans been going on for quite a while now. They play chess with the players. In front of you and I they argue On weekends, on Tuesday they’re all smoking cigars together.

  5. Yea I know, it’s amazing

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