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Accuracy In Media Targets Stanford Student who Shouted Down a Federal Judge with Mobile Billboard in Englewood Cliffs

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Englewood Cliffs NJ, a conservative free speech group that targets mainstream media brought billboard-sized digital screens into Englewood Cliffs this week, outside the purported residence of law student Mohit Mookim a Stanford University law school student who lives there. The group Accuracy In Media says that members of Mookim’s campus organization Stanford National Lawyers Guild heckled a conservative federal judge at a speaking event.

According to the group Accuracy In Media , Mohit Mookim a member of the Stanford National Lawyers Guild shouted “We hope your daughters get raped.” at federal Judge Kyle Duncan when he visited their campus.

The Stanford National Lawyers Guild is responsible for orchestrating the disruption of Judge Kyle Duncan’s appearance on campus. They did so by shouting “scumbag” and “you’re a liar,” among other insults, until school administrators had to intervene. The school has issued an apology to Judge Duncan. But as of March 28, Stanford has still not disciplined the students involved.

So Accuracy in Media hit four of the guild’s board members by parking mobile billboards right in front of their parents’ houses ,one being the Englewood Cliffs home Mohit Mookim parents .

Make no mistake. These students have had ample opportunity to apologize for their actions or distance themselves from the group that organized the disruption. Instead, they sent an email saying the following:

“This protest represented Stanford Law School at its best: as a place of care for vulnerable people, and a place to challenge oppression and bigotry in all their forms, including on the federal bench.”

That’s right. They believe that shouting about the rape of young women represents the “best” of Stanford.

Stanford NLG board members have demonstrated that their push for “diversity” does not include diversity of thought and that “inclusion” does not include those who disagree with them.

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