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Agenda 21 : Angry critics call New Jersey’ blueprint for growth too radical

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Agenda 21 : Angry critics call New Jersey’ blueprint for growth too radical

The Christie administration’s draft strategic investment plan is touted by officials as a blueprint for spurring economic development in New Jersey, a goal seemingly embraced by many.

But critics say it represents a much more radical plan, and a very unlikely GOP agenda at that. It’s a proposal they say redistributes wealth, usurps individual property rights, and reflects a decade-old United Nations resolution that aims to promote so-called sustainable environmental growth around the globe.

In the seventh public hearing on the draft plan in Toms River yesterday, more than 50 people showed up, mostly to denounce the proposal. Often they shouted down a Christie administration official who sought to answer questions, loudly applauded those who criticized the proposal, and frequently interrupted the official when he sought to address those concerns.  (Johnson, NJ Spotlight)

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