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AI Traffic Light System Promises to Reduce Congestion and Make Traffic Jams a Thing of the Past

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, file this under what could possibly go wrong with that, researchers have developed an AI system that reads live camera footage and adapts traffic lights to keep traffic flowing and reduce congestion. The researchers used deep reinforcement learning to create the system, rewarding it when cars go through a junction and giving it negative feedback when cars have to wait or there is a jam. It was trained through simulations and significantly outperformed all other methods when tested. The program can be set up to view any traffic junction and can learn autonomously. The researchers hope to begin testing their system on real roads this year.

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9 thoughts on “AI Traffic Light System Promises to Reduce Congestion and Make Traffic Jams a Thing of the Past

  1. I hope they can fix that one in waldwick at the corner of north monroe and wyckoff ave.
    you can sit there on monroe forever waiting for the light to turn green, and right on red is not permitted
    its the longest light in bergen

    1. Use the Hillcrest rd cut through

  2. How about more technology in our DMV system? This way we can get rid of all the useless and lazy asses there who are milking the crap out of covid in their endless vacations.

  3. Just wait until all you dopes buy electric cars and the “AI traffic System” takes control of your car and stops it automatically at traffic lights or disables it if you are tagged by the “Disinformation Governance Board” for the public safety.

    1. Don’t get smug, that can be done with ICE vehicles, too. Like limiting the amount you can drive an ICE vehicle in one session before it puts out too much pollution.

      These folks would have had fun living in the 50’s and early 60’s when you could tell which chemical plant was working by the smell when you got up in the morning.

      1. “ICE vehicle”
        My God, there is no hope for you…

  4. What could go wrong?

  5. This is all a scam going on raise the gas prices, so people go out and go buy electric cars, all bullshit

  6. An AI President would be better than Joe Biden and the clowns in his administration.

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