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Al Sharpton will attend Monday White House civil rights meeting

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Al Sharpton will attend Monday White House civil rights meeting as White House proposes $263 million plan that puts body-worn cameras in police departments and reviews police ‘militarization’

Slain 18-year-old Michael Brown’s parents have demanded the use of more body-cams by police forces to document violent encounters with suspects
President will meet with ‘young … civil rights leaders’ and law enforcement officials after he holds a cabinet meeting about the Ferguson unrest
Civil rights meeting will focus on challenges posed by ‘mistrust between law enforcement and communities of color’
Speculation ran rampant that Al Sharpton would be in the White House Monday, and his representatives confirmed it before lunch
Cabinet meeting will concern the militarization of local law enforcement with equipment provided by the federal government
Task force will have four months to make recommendations to Obama about how to change the program that has moved $5.1 billion in ge

President Barack Obama will meet with controversial black pastor and MSNBC host Al Sharpton on Monday at the White House, and plans to demand 263 million from Congress to put 50,000 body-worn cameras in U.S. police departments in response to the August police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Brown’s parents have pushed the cameras as one solution to the distrust between police and criminal suspects following physical encounters. The White House said in August that it agreed with the idea in principle.

‘We support the use of cameras and video technology by law enforcement officers, and the Department of Justice continues to research best practices for implementation,’ the administration wrote in response to a public petition that attracted more than 154,000 supporters on the White House website.

The new initiative will provide 50 per cent of the funding for cameras, but will not pay for them entirely, at a cost of $75 million.

It will also provide new training resources and funds to study how to reform police practices.

It’s unclear why Officer Darren Wilson didn’t wear a camera during his fateful encounter with Brown. Members of the Ferguson Police Department were photographed wearing body cameras later that month during an August 30 rally.

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12 thoughts on “Al Sharpton will attend Monday White House civil rights meeting

  1. i commented in the other post about Sharpton. He does not deserve any respect.


    That should be chanted every time he tries to speak.

  2. Whatever credibility Obama had, and that was next to nothing, it is now completely gone.

  3. holly shit the snap shot is from the mid 80,s

  4. Whitehouse? How about the “Bighouse” this man is a joke.

  5. So let’s see. A race hustler who was behind the Brawley scandal, and also a big-time tax evader. And our President has invited him the the WH to discuss race relations.

  6. Actually if Darren Wilson had a body camera the Michael Brown shooting wouldn’t be a story. The camera would have confirmed what we already know. Michael Brown is a thug.

  7. I agree #6 but then some people would accuse the police of editing the video

  8. Just like the Zapruder film

  9. Sharpton at the WH?
    The Obama administration is a joke.
    The President is using this unfortunate event to stir up discontent to distract people from his failed agenda.
    It is incredible the Office has sunk this low.
    Obama will go down as the worst president ever…
    I want to personally thank all you limousine liberals and union types that voted for this Jerk as President, Twice…

  10. Perhaps while Al is in Washington, he can stop by the IRS office and pay his taxes.
    Oh wait..he’s a friend of Obama. Law doesnt’ apply to him.

  11. Is rev. Al pucciarelli going to meet with rev al sharpton?

  12. Yes #11. A meeting of the minds and egos.

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