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All Comments are Now Visible on Paul Vagianos Mayor (of Ridgewood) Facebook Page

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, for those of you who wish to look at the Paul Vagianos Mayor Facebook page, you will now be able to see all the comments that citizens write in response to Mr. Mayor’s self-aggrandizing posts.  This was not the case until midday on Thursday April 6.  Prior to that, our mayor, who is supposedly an attorney, was circumnavigating the law by selectively hiding comments that did not fit his prescribed narrative of what a great guy he is.

Thanks to several concerned (and informed) citizens, the ACLU, the Village Council Attorney, the Village Manager, and the Director of I.T.  were advised of the Mayor’s manipulation of the dialogue on the page.

It is strictly unlawful for an elected official to block anyone from seeing or commenting on an official social media site.  A big THANK YOU to these citizens; there is power in teamwork – we all owe you a debt of gratitude.

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19 thoughts on “All Comments are Now Visible on Paul Vagianos Mayor (of Ridgewood) Facebook Page

  1. Until this Council took over, I cannot recall an incident in which our citizens requested advice from the ACLU-NJ. That’s twice in the past 7 days we’ve contacted the ACLU-NJ about unlawful actions by the Mayor and his cronies.

  2. Paul Vagianos has turned out to be a big ridiculous joke

  3. The Vag is an ass clown, simple as that.
    The problem with narcissistic liars like the current council majority is that they are blinded by their own narcissism and they think they are completely shielded by their immense greatness. The little people will gleefully gather and bask in the warm fuzzy grow of the Vag’s superiority.
    Unfortunately for the narcissist this is a false view of reality. Equally unfortunate is the fact that all of the lies are recorded and kept, allowing those willing to look a little deeper the ability to pinpoint all of the inconsistencies, hypocrisies and fabricated narratives. When you constantly have a different and evolving story to tell various people eventually some of those people get together and say “hey wait a minute.” With social media, YouTube and this blog all the lies eventually come out and crash together becoming a tangled public mess.
    It’s time to throw another bag of popcorn into the microwave and enjoy the show. Thanks Vag, you’re the best.

  4. So your facebook page plan did not work out so well, did it Paulie-Boy? People are coming out of the woodwork to make comments and you cannot do a damn thing to stop them now. You tried, but the law got in the way. Remember the law? You supposedly studied it once upon a time. Power to the people!

  5. Took a look at his page. He has a logo of “MAYOR” superimposed on every photograph. Oh my god, the ego on this man knows no bounds.

    1. His Ego is larger than Ridgewood , but he really is a laughing Stock

  6. Paul following Siobahan’s lead. Winograd freely deleted comments and blocked people from Ridgewood Mom and Dad.

    It is clear as day that Winograd and the Vag fully supports censorship. Did those of you who voted for these two think they would change when elected? Are you regretting voting for them now? Shame on you!

  7. Some of us still want to know how much money did the village receive and Covid money. And where did all the money go. Supposedly the talk on the street is the village received a little above 15 million or so, is this true don’t know, but someone has to know. that’s a lot of money somebody has to know exactly where it went. And they still received tax money. Any thoughts on this.

    1. And the millions in grants given to healthbarn too. Where did millions go? To just food?

  8. Yes, so you can comment but Paul has disabled the attachment feature so no can can add anything to their posts. So he is still stifling public input.

    1. He’s Above the rules, I guess the ACLU-NJ has to get involved again

    2. He’s not an attorney
      He never was
      He makes gyros and wears bad suits
      And looks like a creep

  9. It’s not just Paul, Siobhan. Evan and Pam have taken a turn for the worse. They will not be reelected and if Paul thinks this will improve his election at the county level, forget it

  10. I’m Above the Laws !!!

  11. You can comment but not leave an important attachment (like the Shedler drawings or pictures of how many parking spaces are available on a busy Saturday night). Sitll stiffling public comments.

  12. What a bufoon!

  13. RW has become a Sh*t H*le

  14. OK, Mr. mayor and council. We are people the taxpayers. Would like to know who is receiving Pete stipends in the village. We requested this numerous times, and the village is failing to give us this information. Why. We would like to know who is receiving stipends, why are they receiving them, how much are they receiving in the stipend, and are they qualified to receive the stipend, we just want the information to be publicized. We’re not blaming the current mayor and council. We are blaming previous mayor and council and management for this sneaky behavior in this information. We all would appreciate it. If this information is not publicize, many of us will contact the Attorney General. We are trying to avoid this embarrassing. That’s all. Time to come clean.

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