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Allendale Police Now Wearing Body Cameras

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Allendale NJ, as of October 3rd Allendale Police Officers will join the going list of municipalities equipped with body worn cameras.

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Beginning on October 3, 2022, Allendale Police Officers will be equipped with body worn cameras. The body worn cameras will be worn by patrol officers during their shifts and worn by other members of the Police Department in accordance with New Jersey state law, New Jersey Attorney General’s Directive, guidance provided by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and the Allendale Police Department’s policy that covers the use of body worn cameras. Body worn cameras are required for all New Jersey law enforcement agencies and will be in addition to the in-car cameras that have been utilized by the Allendale Police Department for over a decade. The goals and objectives in deploying body worn cameras are the accurate documentation of interactions between the public and police during arrests and other incidents. The picture illustrates the body worn camera that is being utilized by Allendale police officers and generally where it will be mounted on their uniform. The body worn camera faces away from the officer and will record video footage in the camera’s field of view. Officers are required to activate it while interacting with members of the public during various situations. Thank you for your understanding of this state mandate.
Chief Michael T. Dillon
Allendale Police Department
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