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Alternatives For Wellness : Emotional Rebalancing

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Emotional Rebalancing
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, according to Erica Hill at Alternatives For Wellness , our emotions are like energy in motion. They are meant to be felt in the moment, processed, and then pass through our bodies. If a child breaks her mother’s favorite vase. she will be upset, perhaps even angry for a while, but she should be able to process her feeling or emotion of anger in a reasonable period of time and then move on. That anger should not become stuck or trapped in her mind and body to be brought up to the child repeatedly over months or even years.

Some emotions, such as grief or sadness over the loss of a loved one, are not processed as quickly and, in fact, may never fully go away. It is important to know how to manage those emotions in such a way that we are not mentally or emotionally crippled in our daily lives but neither do we want to forget someone who meant so much to us. By releasing the energetic resonance, or vibration of the emotions, we lessen their impact on our thoughts, actions and behavior. Emotional rebalancing, or energy healing, helps us to identify and literally release Trapped Emotions from negative past events. Trapped Emotions may cause or contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety and may also block people from love and happiness or make them feel disconnected from others. The premise of Emotional Rebalancing is that Trapped Emotions are made of energy, just as the rest of the body, and that they exert on influence on the physical tissues. We believe that this can cause acute discomfort and potential disease.  Releasing Trapped Emotions can create the proper conditions for the body to heal  so that physical and emotional difficulties may disappear or become much more manageable.
Erica Hill is a certified natural healthcare educator and Emotion Code practitioner in Ridgewood, NJ. To schedule an appointment or free 15 minute consultation call Alternatives For Wellness at 201-444-7407
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555 Goffle Road, Suite 108
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Contact Person: Erica Hill, CNHP, EC Practitioner, Herb Specialist

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