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and the Ghetto-ization of the Village continues

>The Village Council will forever change the aesthetics of the Village of Ridgewood. Within the past year the following decisions have been made and approved by VC:

Change in the Zoning Laws to increase the heights of buildings to accomodate “McMansions” (Spring 2008)Just look around the town and see all of the oversize houses including the one across from Willard School.

Allowing several variance in order to construction a storage facility within the Village (Spring 2008)

Plans to construct a garage, housing units and retail facility during the worst economic crisis to hit USA since World War II.

Plans to construct an 80 unit housing facility on leased property on South Broad Street.

Purchase of the Habernickal farm for $7million and failing to convert the property into something useful to the Village

Proposed change to the Village Master Plan in order to accomodate the over height construction at Valley Hospital

The Village of Ridgewood has a terribly tract record in constructing building within a budget and with a building and engineering department who are not up to the task. The Village Hall cost overruns to construct an excessive structure were in the range of 7 million dollars.

It’s time to vote out the remaining Board Members who have allowed this to occur. They are David Pfund and Pat Mancuso.

All of this activity has the Village Manager saying he is not up to the job and needs to have an assistant in order to get the work done.

Maybe we need to get rid of the Village Manager and hire one who can oversee the Village affairs in a competent manner. We need to have the street plowed, the roads paved, the current zoning laws enforced.


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