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And the Next Ridgewood Village Manager will be – Ta Da!

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by the staff of The Ridgewood Blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Board of Education (BOE) is currently conducting an extensive search for a new Schools Superintendent.  Information about the BOE’s search process is posted on their publicly accessible website:

Will the “normal” Ridgewood Village Council members be undertaking a similar process, or do its “normal” members already have someone in hopper whose name will be announced shortly?

The absence of any comment from Village Hall regarding a proposed search process (not even a single mention about an advertisement) makes us suspicious that someone very well connected politically is slated to take over almost immediately.  Rumors are running rampant throughout the Village’s staff at this time.

So, who’s it going to be?  Any guesses?

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46 thoughts on “And the Next Ridgewood Village Manager will be – Ta Da!

  1. Ray Moan

    1. After a nationwide search

  2. The New Mgr is going to be ???? Ramon Hache. Take that to the Bank !! Already Done

    1. “Take that to the Bank !!”
      Yep, Whoever, will get a fat NJ State retirees pension when done on the taxpayers dime. The fringe benefits .

  3. I Heard Jeanne Johnson

    1. Her LinkedIn profile suggests that she possesses NONE of the sought after qualifications for such an important position.

  4. Look at the last managers we had. that was all political,
    Dr. Gabbert
    hopefully it’s someone from the outside . No one from inside village hall.

  5. This is a movie in the making with Paul and his three puppets.
    Healthbarn’s 4 Million state grant going to it’s Greek to me and a handful of other Democratic party supporters, no record of where the food was distributed, mayor’s friend giving him legal advice and now from that same Nexus, Hache being demoted from commissioner to village manager.
    This will be written down in history as the most corrupt Mayor and his puppets.
    I hope Lorraine’s name is not dragged in any of these votes and she’s very vigilant on when to abstain.

    1. They don’t make those movies anymore unless they can damage a Republican.

  6. Shaking my head.

    Doesn’t have a real job already ?

  7. Distrusted him the first time I met him at a coffee before his council election.

  8. Heard Jeannie Johnson and Jan Philips were top contenders,.

    1. Both terrible choices. We are doomed if either is anointed.

  9. Ramon was having dinner with Paul V the other night and he needs a job

  10. If it’s Ramon, will anyone on the Council be required to abstain from voting due to a past or present personal relationship with the candidate?

  11. it s the payoff for Ramon campaigning for these 3 flunkies the Bergen Dems are looking for a big payoff selling out the town

    1. 100% true regarding the Regional/National Democrats taking over town politics.

    2. Jeez….Vag doesn’t even care that this looks bad…

  12. My guess for Village Manager…………..FD

    1. who is that? a hint?

      1. Frank delvecchio?

        1. nooooooooooooooo

  13. I hope the next manager has zero qualifications for the position. That way the town will be so thoroughly damaged, by the next election it will be enough to shake the sheeple of Ridgewood out of their Merlot stupor to maybe make better decisions when they vote. Or not. Either way HLM forever, and free virtue signaling for all!

  14. The village is so corrupt. Nothing new, I heard this nonsense 40 years ago. In the end they gonna do what they want anyway. of course they’re going to put in someone that they want, so they have full control over them. If you look at the last three years or so of their hiring practice, they hire people or promote people with no experience. It’s all about control, I don’t care what anybody says. the proof is in the pudding. But don’t do it on a Sunday, only Monday through Saturday, hypocrites

  15. I thought Ramon was some sort of a Wall St hotshot. Then he decided to get into real estate but ended up a local politician and then tried to climb a bit higher in the Dem party but failed and now is back for a job in the village. PASS.
    It is clear things won’t get better before they get much worse in this place. And behind the scenes dealings will get to a whole new level.

  16. Why did healthbarn get so many millions when social services helps more people?

  17. Hopefully, someone who earns less than $250,000 per year. The going rate for this role is $100k…. tops!

  18. Bring Jim Tenhoeve back!!!

  19. Yes he was a good guy . Smart. The rest of the village crew is a joke. Mustache boy would love to have that job.

  20. Bring back the doctor, at this point who really cares. The ship is sinking.

  21. The great marvel ?

  22. “Bring Jim Tenhoeve back!!! ” I guess you were one of his drinking buddies Egor Psyches. You probably bought him a few drink to get your raise. Remember the village vehicle he totaled. Where you with him that night.

  23. “Bring Jim Tenhoeve back!!!”” Yes he was a good guy” Yea, that because he gave his drinking buddies promotions and raises. Sounds like you were one of them.

  24. Actually, this is not about. Drinks,I’m talking about finance he knew his job, now if you want to talk about drinking well there’s a lot of individuals that have a lot of drinking going on, which I will not mention names. Because I have respect.
    Every manager, after JT sucked. One was fired, one was told to resign, one was escorted out by the police. Hired new police chief/manager and give them a title as commander of the town. Give it a shot it just might work.

  25. Yea, so he knew his job. He still went out drinking with his employees and they got reward for doing so. Is that the kind of Village Manager you want. I guess so. Don’t deflect by mentioning other managers. They are not in the running. Your the one that brought up JTs name. He must have given a big fat stipend.

  26. Do I have to remind you that Coin boy was JTs right hand man.

  27. No one should be receiving any stipends. Really I didn’t know that coin boy was just his right hand man. That’s interesting. Huh’ who is Gabbert’s right hand man. ?

    1. Gabbert has not worked in Ridgewood since Paul Aronsohn and the 3 amigo reign of terror

  28. You knew. Stop deflecting . You sound like Biden.

  29. Frankie D.

  30. No one is to flatten anything, just a question who was Gabbert’s right hand man. I know we had some one. ? D right

  31. No one from village hall right now has the experience to be the next village manager. End of the story. They need some one from the outside. Why to many friends working in town.

  32. Oh, Gabbert had a right handed man all right. I won’t give up his name, just out of respect. But just look at the archives , and you’ll see you’ve got the biggest pay raise. and believe me, it wasn’t for knowledge. It was for his ass kissing 101 like I never seen it before. Just amazing how people flip over
    Money.That’s why some of feel that the village should hire someone from the outside that has no ties to anyone in the village.

  33. Yes, hire someone form outside the village, and after a “nationwide search.”

    Then they will say that they found fresh blood with no biases and new ideas.

    Then they will somehow ignore/gut any suggestions made by the fresh blood.

    Then when things go wrong, as they will, they will have someone to blame: fresh blood.

  34. I’d vote for anyone at this point who can straighten this sh*thshow out and save Ridgewood…. so sad it’s crumbling with horrible, God awful people in charge……..

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