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Andrew Cuomo resigns due to sexual harassment allegations, yet Phil Murphy continues to get a pass from New Jersey Democrats

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National Organization for Women of New Jersey Political Action Committee Sheila Oliver* (D) for Lieutenant Governor and Phil Murphy* (D) for Governor …LOL 

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Trenton NJ, over months we have heard testimony of women who have allegedly been abused by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The stories are all very disturbing to hear and the way Governor Cuomo has attacked these women are even more troubling. The only difference is members of the Democrat party in New York fought to hold this man culpable for his mischievous deeds and nefarious actions.

In New York, some Assembly Democrats fought hard to hold the Governor accountable with impeachment. Not only on the grounds of the alleged sexual harassment, but also because of Governor Cuomo’s mishandling of nursing homes during Covid 19 resulting in thousands of unnecessary deaths. It is commendable that some New York Democrats stood up for what is right and made sure to hold people accountable for their actions, no matter party affiliation. Why won’t New Jersey Democrats do the same and demand Governor Murphy be held accountable? When will New Jersey Democrats not only hold Governor Murphy accountable for the deaths he directly caused in our states long term care facilities, but also for the allegations of sexual assault and harassment surrounding Governor Murphy’s campaign.

New Jersey Democrats continue to provide us radio silence on why Covid 19 positive patients were admitted back into long term care facilities to infect the general population of our most vulnerable citizens. They continue to provide us radio silence on how Al Alverez was given a job by the administration, even though it was alleged he sexually assaulted a campaign staffer. They even provide us radio silence on why Katie Brennan was ostracized and shamed by the Murphy administration for coming forward with her story. Enough is enough, it is time for our elected officials to be held accountable for their misdeeds and actions. It is time New Jersey Democrats take the lead of our neighbors from New York and do what is right, not what is politically expedient.

4 thoughts on “Andrew Cuomo resigns due to sexual harassment allegations, yet Phil Murphy continues to get a pass from New Jersey Democrats

  1. NJ is Massachusetts south.

    And he’s from Massachusetts, just like that other Goldman Sachs reject.

  2. One thing I’ll give Cuomo credit for: He has better teeth.

  3. Phil Murphy is still of use to the Socialists.
    That is why he gets a pass.

  4. Murphy looks like he should be popping out of a hole with a carrot in his hand and saying, “What’s up Doc?” 😂 Moron!!

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