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Another Ridgewood 4 Black Liberation protest is planned for this Saturday, July 18th at 4:00 p.m.

photos by Boyd Loving
JULY 17, 2020
To Ridgewood Central Business District Businesses:
As you know, the Central Business District Welcome Back to Ridgewood event creates a pedestrian mall by closing streets from North Walnut Street to Broad Street every Saturday and Sunday. Every other weekend there have been about fifty protesters from Ridgewood 4 Black Liberation gathering, marching, yelling and using bullhorns. Although disruptive, the demonstrations, comprised primarily of Ridgewood residents, have been mostly peaceful. Unfortunately, some protesters have physically tried to grab customers sitting in chairs or otherwise harass CBD patrons. On July 4th, one of the protesters was arrested for obstructing traffic.

This is to notify you that another Ridgewood 4 Black Liberation protest is planned for this Saturday, July 18th at 4:00 p.m. Due to the ever-increasing hostility in the country, we are concerned that the protest planned for this weekend has the potential to bring even more protesters. We want Ridgewood businesses to be aware and prepared for the possibility of a larger group, as we work to ensure public safety.
The Village is planning accordingly while working to encourage protesters to remain peaceful.
Please be aware that if protesters threaten, harass, or physically touch patrons, you should advise your customer that a police report can be filed if they have a description of the protestor.
We know that the Welcome Back to Ridgewood event, and especially the pedestrian mall, has been helpful to our businesses and can assure you we are working diligently to ensure the effort is both successful and safe.
Heather A. Mailander, Village Manager/Village Clerk
Susan Knudsen, Mayor
Jacqueline Luthcke, Chief of Police

36 thoughts on “Another Ridgewood 4 Black Liberation protest is planned for this Saturday, July 18th at 4:00 p.m.

  1. Are there any actual African Americans in their midst? Or just a bunch of spoiled rich kids?

  2. spoiled entitled rich white kids convinced they can speak for African Americans

  3. Ill go, but only if the guy in the belly shirt and ripped jeans is going to be there again! He is FIERCE.
    Anonymous He/Him

  4. So when do we say “they are empowered by their parents”? And the guy with the mid-drift t-shirt hasn’t got a clue.

  5. Ooh, the Ridgewood kids are so edgy.

  6. A bunch of chicks dressed in black and the metrosexual male in a belly shirt.
    How are these nitwits ever expected to repay our burgeoning debt?

  7. I like to know who’s paying the overtime for the police for this. And do they have a permit to conduct this bullshit parade. Why can’t they going to the park or go on the village of Ridgewood Borough Hall land.

  8. YEAH! Scare the old white people! The quaint village is in their sites!

  9. belly boy and fat white chicks under 25. So brave. What a time to be alive.

  10. “Please be aware that if protesters threaten, harass, or physically touch patrons, you should advise your customer that a police report can be filed if they have a description of the protestor”

    file a police report? u must be kidding me

  11. black lives matter is a communist movement seeking to overthrow the government of the united states

  12. Blue lives matter

  13. Police report can be filed if threatened, harassed, or physically touched, does this mean the police will be hiding from these dangerous snowflakes??

  14. Brainwashed leftist morons. BLM movement hates these dumb white brainwashed kids as much as they hate cops.

  15. A police report can be filed?!? I guess RPD will be patrolling Ho Ho Kis and Glen Rock during this potentially dangerous march…our tax dollars hard at work!

  16. Taking a knee, flags at half mast, wearing a mourning band! Is the Chief going to continue to show her support and march with them?!?

  17. Where does the counter – demonstration start?

  18. Blue Lives Matter!!

  19. Drop these spoiled little crybabies off on Governor street in Paterson at 3 am. They will learn their lesson fast lol.

  20. Is the manager & police boss going to take a knee. ?

    Huh !

  21. All life’s matters.

    And I’m never talking a knee for no one.

  22. I’m sick of all these protesters. I don’t give a shit what color you are what race you are what religion you are I don’t care if you’re gay straight confused. This bullshit Hass to stop this young 20-year-olds think they’re going to change the world half of them don’t even know how to ride a bicycle. They don’t even know how to run the wash machine at their house. Lazy bastards. They think they’re so smart because they’re all going to college. Half of them can’t even work with their handS . Maybe they all should go to the military for a year straight now learn something

  23. So tell me some thing if this is so important to them why don’t they paint Black Lives Matter in front of Village Hall on Maple Avenue. Or they didn’t think of this yet. I painted on Ridgewood Avenue. And whoever’s in charge of this how come they’re not organizing a march through Paterson how about from Ridgewood to Paterson. Or is that too far for them

  24. Join me there for a counter protest. Here are some sign ideas…
    “Marxism (by any name) is violence. ”
    “Stop school brainwashing.
    “White guilt destroys and kills.”
    “Deprogram the young white kids.”

  25. If the REALLY cared they should go spend some time in Paterson.
    Send your daughter to that shit hole city wearing her short shorts and see how she’s welcomed.
    Then perhaps they will see what a bunch of idiots they are.
    These dopey white kids will see what ‘matters” when they apply for a government job and get passed over by a less qualified non-white, who was never subjected to anything except ”privilege’ for not being white.
    My friends liberal wife changed her tune when her son, #2 in his HS class was applying for colleges and less qualified non-whites got accepted and he didnt.
    Welcome to what you wish for libtards

  26. You won’t post anything in favor of this

  27. Are these protesters paying for the overtime of police, and department of public works barricades for their security. And safety. We wonder we wonder who’s flipping the bill. Because this is not in the best interest of the village of Ridgewood at all. Go protest on the park or in a field somewhere. Go to another town. I want to see the snobby kids walk down Broadway in Patterson.

  28. You’re paying for it

  29. Bring it to Newark.

  30. Pathetic bunch of losers out there today.
    Mostly young women, some being dropped off by their Mommy’s. Belly Boy was also there lol.
    A very large and quieting police presence.
    Why weren’t more folks out there supporting them????? Talk is cheap on these blogs people. I hear you but I don’t see you. Why not?

    I thought they were very very loud and disruptive, especially at the upper end of E Ridgewood Ave. Those paying customers sitting at tables were definitely compromised.

    Why can’t these protests be relocated to someplace quiet – like the river? 😕

  31. Looks like they imported a little troll today who was their mouthpiece with a bullhorn.

  32. Was anyone from the. kindness brigade there?

  33. These are mostly the very uncool unpartnered up kids with zero friends from Ridgewood High (?) who are fast becoming uncool disgruntled silver spoon in their mouth always complaining adult losers .
    You’re not gonna find any A students or happy solid kids in this pile of garbage.

    And, oh Yes – plus Belly Boy, and the newly hired gun – the Mega Phone Midget.

  34. Build Toilet Garage

    Rabble shall Come..

    Daddies Car will do

  35. Pathetic bunch of cop supporters on this blog. Get stuffed pigs.

  36. To those cop haters, like the above poster.
    I’d suggest the police could have a ‘blue flu'”.
    Take a few sick days.
    All at once.
    Perhaps they all got sick at work, protecting the hard working taxpayers from the threats of mobs.
    Then see what happens.
    Call 911. Get put on hold. Wait for a response.
    OR… take care of yourself. See what happens when the thug mobs come knocking on your door.
    fucking libtard morons
    I remember a one of our RPD finest years ago. He had a bumper sticker on his car that was very appropriate.
    It said ” If you dont like the police, the next time you need a cop, call a hippie”.

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