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>Anti McMansion Ordinance Becomes Effective 10/30/2007

>New Gross Building Area Regulations Adopted

The Village Council passed an ordinance on October 10, 2007 amending the land use regulations that limit the size of single family and two family residential buildings and accessory structures. The Floor Area Ratio (FAR) regulations are being replaced by Gross Building Area Ratio (GBAR) regulations. The effective date of the ordinance is October 30, 2007. Any construction project that has not had a building permit issued or an approval from the Board of Adjustment by the effective date is subject to the new regulations. The new ordinance can be viewed by clicking the title below:

Ord. No. 3083 Amend Chp. 190 – Land Use & Devel. – Gross Building Area Reg


6 thoughts on “>Anti McMansion Ordinance Becomes Effective 10/30/2007

  1. >Too bad.
    There goes the tax base.

    Less bathrooms means less income for the Village.

  2. >Does this apply to Death Valley as well?

  3. >No, Death Valley is exempt because they are a McHospital.

  4. >who cares any way .the town loves it they get more taxes on it .

  5. >thats true.

  6. >Yeah, what about McValley?

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