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Apple Ridge Mess Just Will Not Go Away

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Pictured: Chairman of Mahwah Environmental Commission Richard Wolf documenting ongoing pollution at Toll Brothers construction site in Mahwah and Upper Saddle River.

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Upper Saddle River NJ, the Ridgewood blog has been covering the mess caused by the Apple Ridge construction site for over a year . While local and state politicians continue to talk of taxes needed for fighting ,”global warming” ,right here in our own back yard a potential environmental disaster is taking place , perhaps even reaching some of the areas drinking water while politicians do absolutely nothing .

Reader sums it all up : “Your local government doesn’t care about you or your property. They’ve allowed Toll Brothers to invade your space, ruin your investment and eventually your health. Shame on them”

3 thoughts on “Apple Ridge Mess Just Will Not Go Away

  1. Make a clear to the news this should be on every network. What’s wrong with you people, obviously the top officials are doing nothing to stop us why figure it out .follow the money.

  2. In Upper Saddle River residents rely on well water for drinking, cooking and showering and bathing. When the water is contaminated it renders the homes uninhabitable. It is unconscionable that the water supply has been compromised. Our water supply should be guarded and not compromised by profit seeking developers. This should have been and should continue to be the top priority for our elected officials.

  3. One would think seeing that chocolate brown colored water, not just one or two days
    but chronicled for around 18 months the same thing over and over, would make the elected officials and various authorities stand up and say, what the hell is going on????? …and that should have been at least a year ago. Makes one wonder how much corruption or political connections can make this situation be overlooked. It should be considered criminal (i am not a lawyer though). But it is great seeing that pic of Mr Wolf of the environmental commission, documenting this mess, hopefully for some final concerted action and resolution and possible penalties. But its NJ where us little guys’ health and environment is found displaced by greed, we will see.

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