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>Around the Village

>TAKE A TASTE OF RIDGEWOOD!Don’t miss the Taste of Ridgewood on Sunday, May 7th. From 1 p.m. until 4 p.m., over 20 restaurants will set up sample stations along Ridgewood Aevnue from Oak Street to Broad Street. Fine wines, specialty beers and fabulous cheese samples will be available in a tent in the park, and there will be music throughout the festival area.

Public Access Channel 77 Available for Ridgewood Events Included in the Village’s franchise agreement with Cablevision for Ridgewood cable service, is the use of the Public Access Channel 77. The Channel is used by the Village to broadcast Village Council meetings and advertise Ridgewood non-profit events. The Board of Education also uses the channel to broadcast their public meetings as well as several other school related events.The Village is looking for additional apropriate quality produced video programs to air. Do you have film of Ridgewood events – artistic performance, special interview or presentation of a topic of interest to fellow Ridgewood residents? Please contact the Village Manager’s office at 201/670-5500 ext.204 to check into this opportunity and to offer any suggestions for the volunteer use of the channel.

Ridgewood’s Emergency Response Team With the resignation of Bob Greenlaw, the 3 positions he held in Emergency Management have been filled with new professionals. The new Ridgewood Emergency Management Coordinator is Brad Mason, a 20 year volunteer in emergency services and former employee of FEMA. The new Emergency Services Director is Paul Gilard, retired after 20 years on the Ridgewood Police and part time NW Bergen 911 Dispatcher. The new Center Director of NW Bergen Central Dispatch is Skip Cherven, a Ridgewood native and current Emergency Services Deputy Coordinator of the Borough of Paramus. We welcome these individuals who make a strong emergency response team for the Village of Ridgewood.

6 thoughts on “>Around the Village

  1. >I heard Bob left in the middle of the work day ,what gives?

  2. >Hearsay is that he was thrown under the bus by police department brass, who were unhappy by Bob’s decision to be interviewed for the proposed public safety director’s position. Rumor is that the RPD brass does not want a civilian leader, so they successfully busted Bob’s chops until he just quit in disgust. Maybe they figured Bob would crack down on those who spend too much time at home while being paid?

  3. >Bob was the worst-he didn’t get into the office until 10am at the earliest or later in the day. “Meetings” But if you drove by his house of Sheffield his car would be out front there every morning.

  4. >Dan, Bob left work in the middle of the work day on a regular basis…unless he was just arriving which also occurred on a regular basis. For a guy that held three paid positions in the village, he didn’t spend much time working.

    Did Bob leave in disgust or did he leave because the Police Brass had something incriminating on him? Bob left his 3 prestigious positions, and sold his house and left town because the police were “busting his chops”? I sincerely doubt it.

    Bob is corrupt and the Village is better off without him. Just ask any Public Safety employee.

  5. >Please contact the Village Manager’s office at 201/670-5500 ext.204 to check into this opportunity and to offer any suggestions for the volunteer use of the channel.

    And when you call, make sure to tell them you heard about it in TheRidgewoodBlog!

  6. >Bob was as dirty as they come and Village Hall knew about it! Bob would always make himself look good no matter how many people he hurt. He loved his power-I would bet my house that he did not leave because the PD was “busting his chops”. He loved a good fight and he loved to win. Too bad he knew when to quit-this would have been another good public scandel.

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