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Art at Ridgewood Village Hall is next project


March 27, 2015    Last updated: Friday, March 27, 2015, 8:28 AM
The Ridgewood News

Art at Village Hall is next project

To the Editor:

Last week, The Ridgewood News featured photos from the fantastic Maroon & White Celebration of the Arts held at Ridgewood High School on March 12. The event was held in the beautiful new Learning Commons at the high school and featured musical performances from students, as well as various art displays. One of the evening’s highlights was the public opening for a permanent art display entitled “Ridgewood Art at RHS.” This collection was curated by the Ridgewood Arts Council (RAC) and features work donated by artists who have a connection to Ridgewood. According to RHS principal Dr. Thomas Gorman, the public is invited to view all the art in the Learning Commons, with the optimal time being after school so as not to disturb students.

Dovetailing on the positive response the “Ridgewood Art at RHS” collection has received from artists and the viewing public, RAC is using it as a model for its next endeavor, “Ridgewood Art at Village Hall.” The purpose of both these collections is to celebrate the wealth of artistic talent in Ridgewood. RAC welcomes artists, 16 years and older, with a connection to Ridgewood, to send an email to (subject line: RAC Art Donation) indicating interest. Posthumous submissions from family members are also welcome.

Each respondent will be sent by return email an official application form with further instructions and selection criteria guidelines. Art can be in any medium and any size – fine art, photography, textile and mobile arts, and sculpture included. The deadline for final submissions has been extended, so all interested parties are encouraged to email ASAP for application. Once the installation is in place, the entire community will be invited to a gala launch event celebrating RAC and this new chapter of honoring the arts in Ridgewood!

Cheers to the Arts in Ridgewood!

Linda Bradley


Ridgewood Arts Council

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