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Artificial turf temperature of over 138 degrees on Maple Field late Tuesday – Natural grass temperature at 92.6 degrees

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the staff of The Ridgewood Blog
Ridgewood NJ, our environmental issues reporter took to the fields on Tuesday afternoon, June 18th to assess the difference in surface temperature between artificial turf and natural grass.

As seen in the attached photos, the surface temperature of artificial turf at Maple Park was measured at over 138 degrees Fahrenheit, while the nearby natural grass’ temperature was recorded as 92.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
As a reminder, the RHS graduation ceremony will take place on Wednesday afternoon. Graduating students will be sitting in chairs place on top of an artificial turf athletic field.
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54 thoughts on “Artificial turf temperature of over 138 degrees on Maple Field late Tuesday – Natural grass temperature at 92.6 degrees

  1. Vets would be a better location

  2. The artificial turf is a total disaster.

  3. These pictures say it all. But Vagianos and Winograd and Weitz won’t be listening.

    1. Evan is likely napping. Without his 14 hours of sleep a day, it is hard for him to bring his A-game to the council meetings, i.e “who cares about Revolutionary War History?” and “We saved this land from becoming a 7-11.”

      I hope he runs for higher office!

    2. Because they are irretrievably stupid.

  4. There’s a big difference in temperature, my friends and I experienced that too. Plant grass plant grass.

  5. It’s the black infill radiating the energy it’s absorbed (from the sun) back out of the turf.

    It can only absorb so much energy before radiating the excess back out.

    1. Black infill?
      You racist slob!
      Off to Cracker Barrel with you!

      1. No jokes permitted. You might get canceled (if you’re lucky)

  6. People do you realize how many millions on top of millions we have spent on fake Astroturf grass, and they said it was going to last 20 years , it’s all bullshit. These contractors make a lot of money all the maintenance cost storm damage. Ridiculous. Yes, there’s a look nice ,it does. It’s just not natural.

    1. And honestly it doesn’t even look that nice. Sure, it’s uniform, and that probably appeals to some but to me it screams Uncle Dave is passed out in front of the windmill at the Stop N Putt Mini Golf Planet.


  8. If it was 138.9 late afternoon, it must be close to 150-160 during the midday heat wave.

    1. What is being done to mitigate the Health Risks to Students & Guests ,children and Elders Teachers & vendors and School staff. HOPE IS Not a plan .

      Large gatherings has own dynamics and

      1. This is on Superindent, BOE and RHS Principal

        Do the right thing
        Move to Vets

      2. My guess is nothing. They did nothing about the conttaminated soil, what makes you think they would address any other health concerns?

  9. This is when the toxic chemicals really start to heat up and vaporize into the atmosphere and lungs of park users. Between PFAS water and artificial turf, Ridgewood is causing grave harm to its public.

  10. Hilarious….

  11. The Ridgewood Lacrosse team was playing and practicing at Stevens Field yesterday. Those kids are not being protected by their parents or school administration.

  12. “In excessive heat the Director of Ridgewood Parks & Recreation and the Ridgewood Public Schools Athletic Director make a call if events should be cancelled.” – Ridgewood Village Manager

    Despite issuing a heat advisory, all turf fields remained open this week and graduation will proceed. If 139 degrees isn’t hot enough to call it-what is?

  13. Plastic grass,

  14. At 138.9 Maple Field is the coolest of them all because it is surrounded by trees. The High School and Stevens is way hotter.

  15. The parents of the kids being forced to play on this surface should be outraged and take a stand against turf and the organizations pushing it. PROTECT YOUR OWN CHILDREN

  16. Grasses are known to release water vapors and the evaporation of that water vapor leads to cooling, making grass fields a much better option than PFAS laden plastic grass. Just imagine playing on 170 degree plastic grass, so not only are you playing on a giant heat island, you are inhaling toxic chemicals. Not to mention that plastic grass, known as astro turf or artificial turf, needs to be treated with harsh chemicals to keep it santized from all kinds of bodily fluids and bacteria. Sounds great, right?

  17. Superintendent is no dummy. No wonder he’s not attending todays graduation.

  18. According to Turfgrass Producers International, artificial lawns have been documented to be up to 86.5*F degrees hotter than natural turf under identical conditions. On an average summer 90*F degree day, the surface of artificial turf will be 165*F degrees — that’s hot!

  19. Funny opposing teams and coaches all complain about Ridgewood’s GRASS FIELDS. Anti-sports crowd, we get it.

  20. The “grass” blades in artificial turf is a microplastic that immediately begins to migrate beyond the field, polluting the surrounding environment. On hotter days, the chemical exposure is even higher. Imagine the children right on top of this surface.

  21. 450 grads at risk today…..multiple warnings on health risk but lets put the boys in full tuxedos and have them sit in 95 degrees (120+) on turf for 2 full hrs….

    ….while the principal mis-pronounce most of the graduate names he is asked to call out even though he was given the proper pronunciation weeks go.

    1. 450 is a large class…my sons had class sizes of 411 and 425, respectively.

    2. Thumb down all day long but this is a fact

    3. Any more at risk than they were yesterday? Or will be tomorrow? Most of you have been pumping your kids full of junk products and junk food and chemicals up the wazoo since the minute they were born, to say nothing of the cumulative toxic damage they inherited from you, but you choose to focus on a little plastic grass?

      1. nothing to do with plastic grass…just heat stroke

  22. Harm and Liabilities

  23. Microplastics over People! The Village of Ridgewood is knowingly putting the public at risk.

  24. This is nothing new people!! Get a grip!

  25. Who is pushing turf in Ridgewood

    1) Mayor Paul Vagianos
    former Deputy Attorney General with the New Jersey Environmental Prosecution Task Force

    2) Evan Weitz, Council Member
    Former Assistant U.S. Attorney

    3) Siobhan Winograd- Council Member
    Domestic Engineer

    4) Frank Mortimer, Board Member
    Parks, Recreation & Conservation Board
    -Instructor at the Cornell University Master Beekeeping Program, former President of the New Jersey State Beekeepers Association

    5) Ralph Currey, Chair
    Village of Ridgewood
    Open Space Committee

    Note: 4 and 5 are appointed by Mayor and Council Majority. Ralph Currey is most famous for his written petitions to residents asking for CASH contributions to persuade the Village Council.

    1. Vagianos practiced law for a hot minute and doesn’t have a law license any more. I challenge anyone to find a reference to Vagianos as an an evironmental lawyer other than his self-proclaimed reference as a “former Deputy Attorney General with the New Jersey Environmental Prosecution Task Force.” Vagianos is Ridgewood’s very own George Santos parading around with disingenous cedentials.

      1. Well, false Paul Vagianos credentials would explain why he pushed for and hired an “expert” who also had false credentials and defrauded the VOR without consequences.

    2. Don’t forget about Mr. Brooks, Conservation and Parks & Recreation Chairperson, friend of Mayor Vagianos, who got a large mortgage loan from the him.

    3. Also keep in mind that Field Turf is one of the top turf vendors that Council person Winograd has met with and is pushing for stating that Field Turf’s “cool play” option is not only eco friendly, fully recyclable and is safe. However, Field Turf is defending iteself in numeours lawsuits, include a very large class action law suit involving a bunch of NJ towns, because they misrepresented their products and made false claims about their to their customers.

      1. FieldTurf Coolplay is a huge scam. The ‘cool’ part is supposed to come from zeolite flakes enclosed in green plastic that are supposed to sit on top of the crumb rubber like croutons and reflect some of the sun’s rays. However, the green croutons do NOT stay on top. The ‘eco’ part of the crumb rubber is that THEY ARE SELLING YOUR OLD CRUMB RUBBER BACK TO YOU!!! For $450,000+!!! Old crumb rubber also contains tiny rubber particles that easily attach to skin, wash off the field, get inhaled, etc. Don’t fall for it!!!

        1. It sounds so awful and it is truly unbelievable that the majority of the council is still pushing for this. There must be something more to the story than meets the eye as to why they want this and some residents have well water, so the fact that they haven’t changed course is truly gross negligence.

  26. Yes, it’s so ridiculous, imagine standing outside waiting to hear your name being called hours later please, and or decide what are you gonna do with that Diploma. You better go to school for another six years. This is not 40 years ago, I don’t care if you wanna go drive a truck that’ll take you 10 months to a year with all the credentials.

  27. They should move the graduation to Vets field or indoors.

  28. Way to steam those seniors. Wear a sundress and sandals, girls. Not sure how the boys will survive.

  29. Youth sports come with enough liabilities. The baseball and soccer dudes should up their accidental death coverage for heat exhaustion.

  30. The argument, that children are exposed to toxins in other places so why not on Astroturf is absolutely ridiculous. Whatever sports parent is making that argument must have a super low IQ. Yeah, our kids have ingested some toxins so let’s just give them more. Sounds much like mayor Vagianos saying that PFIS are everywhere so what’s the big deal. You’re all a bunch of morons if you’re supporting this Astroturf.

    1. I don’t see anyone saying anything about “since kids are exposed to other toxins then why not astroturf too?” You want to talk about super low IQs, how about those people who see everything in absolute binaries, and worse yet invent them where they don’t explicitly exist.

      1. Who is doing that? Many residents have been given research and work to try to put facts together to keep everyone safe. This material is necessary for a municipality and BOE/public school system that are responsible to safefuard residents and children. No one is making anything up. Doctors have written to Ridgewood, Climate integrity organizations and clean water groups. No cluee about binaries. This is science and medical driven data. PFAS are highly toxic. All turf has PFAS.

      2. Well Vagianos sure did.


  32. So f your kid has ridden a bike without a helmet and has not had a skull i jury, should we conclude that what the hell just skip the helmets? Turf is known to be toxic. If kids are exposed to other toxins, at least we can eliminate this one.

    1. Helmets are for nerds.

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