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Attempted Burglary call in Township of Washington

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Twp. of Washington NJ, the Township of Washington Police Department would like to inform the residents that on  December 27, 2023 at approximately 6:00 PM Patrol was dispatched to a residence on the west side of town for an Attempted Burglary call.  It appears two actors were going to possibly attempt entry into a home, which was monitored by the homeowners camera system. Patrol responded, canvassed the entire area with negative results.  Below are the pictured actors:

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Township of Washington Police want to remind residents that historically home burglaries occur more often during the winter months/holiday season, especially due to the fact there are fewer daylight hours.  This gives burglars more time to be concealed by darkness. Burglars are opportunists, eliminate opportunities for them by locking all doors/windows/gates.  Also, secure your vehicles as burglars will attempt to gain entry, and steal them if they can.  Please make sure if you are not home you have lights on timers, deliveries stopped or redirected to elsewhere.  The idea is to make it look like someone is home.  We like to keep our residents informed so we stay diligent.

Any questions/concerns or information on this manner, please contact our Police Desk at 201-664-1140.

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2 thoughts on “Attempted Burglary call in Township of Washington

  1. Despite stopping deliveries, theres always a clue that nobody is home
    Fake news littering the driveway with the BS advertising by the ‘deals’ papers.
    Its illegal. Its littering.

    1. On walks around the neighborhood (especially in the summer) when I saw one (or especially more than one) of those plastic-bag-encased papers, double-especially if they were wet from a previous rain, I walked them up the driveway and put them by the back door.

      Then I noticed that two of my neighbors never picked theirs up at all, even when they were obviously home. One left piles of them until they turned gray and made the street look like a dump. I got disgusted and stopped doing it.

      Anyone who thinks that leaving those papers in place will give a message to the delivery service that they are not wanted is fooling themselves. Calling the paper and telling them to stop is the only way to make it happen (if you’re lucky). I did it years ago and it worked.

      Once I called the number on one of the papers and gave those two addresses as clearly not wanting them, since they never picked them up, but because I was not the home owner at those addresses, they wouldn’t listen to me. They continue to arrive every Friday morning.

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