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Bell the fiscally responsible choice for Senate


Bell the fiscally responsible choice for Senate

Voters who want more redistribution of wealth, more taxation and government spending, and the encouragement of more government programs that drain regular working people, the middle class and small business owners have their choice, Cory Booker. Those who want to stop the redistribution of wealth, want less taxation, less government spending, fewer government programs that drain the middle class, working people, and small businesses have their choice, Jeff Bell.

Mr. Booker failed as Newark mayor; that’s why Newark is financially broke according to recent news reports; the high crime rate is unacceptable. NJ needs a populist, not a cunning politician like Booker.

Mr. Bell has rightfully called out the Federal Reserve, a private entity, which controls interest rates, the printing of monies (money supply), and inflation — yielding tremendous power over the American economy and its people, impacting on Americans’ savings and life earnings.

Bell’s economic plan calls for an end to Federal Reserve policies that devalue the dollar and lower the standard of living for hard-working Americans. He’s taking on powerful interests on behalf of regular working people and small business owners.

The economic recovery is weak. The Federal Reserve’s printing of more monies that devalue the dollar weakens the people’s standard of living. Bell’s call to return to the gold standard ensures currency back up for the issuance of greenbacks. Current Fed policies only aid and abet Congress in its unending government spending spree causing $17 billion plus in national debt.

Deborah K. Smarth


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  1. Sadly, NJ voters do not understand fiscal responsibility.

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