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Bergen Community College Students Create: “ScanCan” The Intelligent Recycling Bin


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Paramus NJ, Last week Bergen Community College’s team at the Community College Intelligence Challenge in Washington, D.C. was named the #1 overall winner with their “ScanCan”: The Intelligent Recycling Bin.” The “ScanCan” is a recycling bin that senses whether or not a product is recyclable before allowing it to be disposed of. Congratulations to students Jacob Jalinski, Tyler Jacobs, and Roee Shalom along with faculty mentors Luis De Abreu and Joseph Sivo. They also earned a congratulations from Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco.

5 thoughts on “Bergen Community College Students Create: “ScanCan” The Intelligent Recycling Bin

  1. too annoying.
    more people will just toss recyclables in the trash.

    see also, unintended consequences.

    1. Yes, as with all things, if the solution isn’t absolutely perfect, you shouldn’t do anything to try to make things better.

      1. I agree.

        You should blindly accept bad solutions and mediocrity as long as it feeds your social agenda.

        That’s more important than useful effective solutions.

    2. Not if the trash bin also is intellegent and will not let you throw the recyclable out!

    3. Not possible if the trash bin is also intelligent and will not let you thow recyclables in it!

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