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Bergen County 2014 Budget


Bergen County 2014 Budget – Online

We thought it could be instructive to review the Bergen County Budget which is $507 million + for fiscal 2014.

What are the county’s largest capital expenses? Keep in mind  these costs are for projects with a projected completion of 2014-2019. If the projects miss the deadline, costs will increase.

Roads and bridges $88,125,000

Improvements to county buildings $13,937,450

Improvements to vocational schools $11,655,000

Improvements to county parks $11,598,500

Acquisition of equipment $30,183,250

Improvements to county college $8,625,000

Justice Center improvements $41,031,000

Hospital improvements $17,100,000

Total funding capital expenses $222,255,200

Where else does our tax money go? Additional expenses include:

Bergen County Debt Service (interest payments for previous expenses) is $67,566,670

Operations $401,601,228.66

Capital improvement $1,476,068

Deferred charges and statutory expenses (i.e. pension plan payments) $37,034,173

Total Appropriations 2014 – $507,678,139.66

Here’s the link to the document –

2 thoughts on “Bergen County 2014 Budget

  1. Is the Mine-Resistant Ambush Proof (MRAP) vehicle Saudino wants in that $30mn budget for “Acquisition of Equipment” ? Looks like Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel has already decommission the MRAP he received from the military, noting he did it based on financial concerns due to unforeseen maintenance costs. While the military was to provide any needed parts, Federspiel said he still had to pay for a specialized mechanic to install the parts, along with insurance and fuel for the vehicle ( ) Has Saudino budgeted for a specialized mechanic to install the parts, along with insurance and fuel for the vehicle in his request ?

  2. wow, 7.3% of the total budget just for pension plan payments… that part of the budget (Deferred charges and statutory expenses) has seen explosive growth, and will only explode through 2016 as more municipal employees retire to take advantage of the fact that if they can retire before then they will get 65% of the average of their final three years of comp. If you cannot retire until after 2017, you only get 60% of the avg of your final three years comp…

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