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Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco Fires Back MTA Chair Lieber on Congestion Pricing


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Hackensack NJ, Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco responded to remarks made MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber appeared on “Newsline with Brigitte Quinn” on WCBS 880 Friday to officially announce the start date and discuss next steps.

“The date we are going to start congestion pricing is June 30 – that’s a Sunday. So, it will start at midnight-Saturday night going into Sunday,” Lieber told Quinn. “And just reminding folks, on the overnights it’s $3.75. There’s a 75% discount. But we’re excited. This is something New Yorkers have been waiting for for years and years. It took 4,000 pages of analytics and five years of study. But we are here – and we’re going to get cleaner air, better traffic. And for the people who have to drive, hopefully less congestion. That is a major benefit as well as the money to invest in the subway system.”

Tedesco said ,In light of recent remarks by Chairman Lieber in this article, I want to reaffirm my administration’s unwavering stance against congestion pricing. Bergen County will not be bullied by the MTA; we will fight back and I believe at the end of the day, we will win this fight in court and stop this blatant money grab.
Chairman Lieber is awfully cavalier when he speaks about congestion pricing reducing traffic and improving air quality. He knows all too well that congestion pricing isn’t a solution, but a cleverly concocted scheme to redirect these environmental conditions a mere few miles away to New Jersey and the greater New York metropolitan area.
His blatant disregard for New York City’s neighboring communities has never been more apparent. Contrary to his claim that the federal government is endorsing this scheme, the reality is the MTA’s skirted federal requirements and is moving quickly because they don’t want to get caught.
I call on Chairman Lieber to IMMEDIATELY produce all findings in the MTA’s environmental and financial assessments that justifies placing this significant burden on the residents of Bergen County for public scrutiny.
The reality is, congestion pricing will cause serious harm to Bergen County’s air quality and the health of those who live here. Shame on you Chairman Lieber. The MTA must delay implementation of congestion pricing until a final ruling is issued in the lawsuit brought by the State of New Jersey and the County of Bergen. “
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2 thoughts on “Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco Fires Back MTA Chair Lieber on Congestion Pricing

  1. We have finally arrived at a fight between democrats arguing who can tax more and it’s comical to watch. Sorry the Bergen County Freeloaders don’t hold much influence anywhere – good luck.

  2. Look at Jimmy…all grown up !

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