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Bergen County Instagram Influencer “Jay Mazini” Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for $8 Million Fraud Scheme

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Edgewater NJ, Bergen County’s own Instagram sensation, Jebara Igbara, known to his followers as “Jay Mazini,” has been sentenced to seven years in prison for orchestrating a fraudulent scheme that swindled $8 million from unsuspecting investors. The verdict was handed down by District Judge Frederic Block in Brooklyn, following Igbara’s guilty plea to wire fraud, wire fraud conspiracy, and money laundering charges in November 2022.

According to the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Igbara, 28, of Edgewater, used his popular Instagram account, “Jay Mazini,” boasting nearly a million followers, as a front for his fraudulent activities. While he gained fame for videos showing himself distributing cash and gifts, authorities revealed that Igbara targeted the Muslim community through various fraudulent schemes.

Judge Block ordered Igbara to pay $10 million in forfeiture, with the restitution amount yet to be determined. The sentencing marks the unraveling of a complex web of deceit that saw Igbara deceive investors, exploiting their trust and faith for personal gain.

In a statement, United States Attorney Breon Peace denounced Igbara’s actions, describing him as a “fraudster” who preyed on his own religious community. Peace emphasized the need for accountability, expressing hope that the sentencing would serve as a deterrent to others contemplating similar schemes.

Igbara’s fraudulent activities extended to a company named Halal Capital LLC, through which he solicited investments from the Muslim-American community under the guise of lucrative ventures in stock, electronics resale, and personal protective equipment sales. However, investigations revealed that it was all a sham, with Igbara squandering the funds on luxury purchases and gambling.

Moreover, Igbara operated a cryptocurrency scam on social media, luring victims with promises of high returns. Using his fabricated online persona, he manipulated investors into believing in his success, only to abscond with their crypto investments after presenting them with falsified wire transfer confirmations.

Thomas M. Fattorusso, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation in New York, condemned Igbara as a “crypto con man” who exploited the trust of his victims for personal enrichment.

The sentencing of Jebara Igbara serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking behind the facade of social media influence and the importance of remaining vigilant against fraudulent schemes. As the dust settles on this case, it underscores the need for greater scrutiny and accountability in the digital age.


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9 thoughts on “Bergen County Instagram Influencer “Jay Mazini” Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for $8 Million Fraud Scheme

  1. Hat on backwards…that’s all you need to know.

  2. His mistake was in promising his investors tangible returns, unlike the U.S. government which swindles untold sums of money from its “investors” and promises pipe dreams and castles in the air.

    1. What investment does the US gov peddle?

      1. Don’t be two dimensional. How about everything they promise you, and deliver the opposite. Isn’t that obvious? Your tax dollars are an investment, in the health, wealth and security of the citizens, and the future of the country. You pay taxes and expect dividends in the form of honored promises and material improvements. How’s that working out for you? Where’s all the social security money? How about your dilapidated infrastructure? They send billions of your dollars to protect the borders of foreign countries but yours remain wide open. Do you have all day?

        1. i dont expect anything

  3. “Halal Capital LLC” ??

    That’s hysterical! Anyone who gives money to this tool deserves to be separated from their hard-earned shekels…

    1. Post of the day!

  4. Who? That’s some influencer.

  5. Shocker

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