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Bergen County Pushes for More Shared Services

Bergen County Executive James Tedesco
file photo Boyd Loving
January 5,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Hackensack NJ, according to Bergen County officials for the past six months the county has been working to make it easier for our municipalities to borrow county owned equipment to meet local needs. These new shared service agreements allow the county to swiftly cut through the red-tape that was previously associated with these requests. These agreements are open to every Bergen County municipality and we encourage local leaders to pursue these opportunities if they have not already done so!

12 thoughts on “Bergen County Pushes for More Shared Services

  1. Ridgewood will never agree to this. That will kill the relationship between vendors and the village staff.

  2. Regarding what are we sharing, Police Department, fiire dapartment, emergency service, central dispatch, what are you in reference too. Do we do shared services in schools. How about management, that sounds good. That would save a tremendous amount of taxpayers money, does every county need a manager, director. Now that’s thought. As we know in Ridgewood we have so many new management employees.

  3. Yes, share with the county democrat machine. The only thing ridgewood will be sharing is more county taxes.

  4. County in TOTAL Democrat control. Time to get their fingers into everything.

  5. Speaking of bastard Democrats, Brendan Byrne, the POS who gave us the NJ State Tax passed away.

  6. Start Sharing Police ,

  7. Yes I do like this shared management idea. That just may work. It sounds like a good or savings. Who knows maybe they’ll come up With some bullshit Title like the project manager , hey you never know this is the village Ridgewood.

  8. Home rule only protects legacy & connected made men hires. If the RPD could hire the most qualified candidates from around Bergen County (or even surrounding towns like Paramus and Paterson) instead of being limited on the hiring pool by the Village residency requirement, we’d get much better value for what are some of the highest police wages & benefits in the USA. Recent hires prove this.

    1. how do “recent hires” prove this???

  9. Can u say a. Shit storm coming.

  10. Just. More scams

  11. Yeah like the project manager , made up title,

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