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Bergen New Bridge Medical Center Receives Visit from Senator Cory Booker and Rep Josh Gottheimer

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photo courtesy of Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Paramus NJ, the County’s public hospital, Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, received a visit from Senator Cory Booker and Rep Josh Gottheimer as they toured the facility and held a press conference to introduce critical legislation that will help communities across our nation prevent overdoses and continue to combat the opioid epidemic. Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco said he was grateful that of all places to announce such important legislation, our two federal representatives chose to do so at Bergen New Bridge, a regional leader for substance use disorder treatment.

Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco thanked both Senator Booker and Congressman Gottheimer for their continued support of the hospital, especially through federal investment. The collective investments made from the County along with our state and federal partners has contributed greatly to the ongoing revitalization of the county hospital.

Just last year, Bergen New Bridge received $2 million in community project funding to fund the expansion project of the Behavioral Health Emergency Department. Investment in projects like this will help Bergen New Bridge, under the exceptional leadership of our outstanding CEO Deb Visconi, maintain its momentum as the hospital continues to undergo the most significant healthcare transformation in the United States.
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12 thoughts on “Bergen New Bridge Medical Center Receives Visit from Senator Cory Booker and Rep Josh Gottheimer

  1. I didn’t know that Sen Spartacus was still a NJ senator as he hasnt done shit for NJ.

    1. He just has to look that way, that’s enough…..and don’t forget the D……….

  2. Cory wearing lavender ….

  3. like him or not Booker gives good face lol

    1. Look at that… feigned concern !

      What a master !

  4. He grew up in Harrington Park. The mother was radioactive.

    1. he likes to promote his ‘street cred’ from being the carpetbagger mayor of Newark and supposedly living in the hood.
      What a phony.. as you pointed out.. he’s from harrington park and likely had a priveliged life until he chose to use the pigment to promote himself

      1. Yes, very priv….mom and dad worked for IBM.

  5. what a big dofus.

  6. Josh is very busy making the rounds in advance of his run for Governor.

  7. The dopeey thumbs down libtard is here again

  8. Look at Tedesco! He snuck in there again.

    Behind Spartacus is Lisa Swain. She has more talent and brainpower that Josh and Cory combined.

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