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Bergen Record once again looks to savage Steve Lonegan with a public misinformation smear campaign.


Bergen Record once again looks to savage Steve Lonegan with a public misinformation smear campaign.
January 8, 2014
PJ Blogger and the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The front page above the fold article written by Herb Jackson in todays Bergen Record gave more fire to those who claim the media bias is one of the prime contributors to the decline of living standards and quality of life in NewJersey . (

Jackson claims “Lonegan’s in-your-face campaigning style helped him cut down what was expected to be a more lopsided losing margin in last year’s U.S. Senate race against Democrat Cory Booker. But that could be a tough sell in the district, which includes many military families and several large townships dominated by retirement communities. ”

Really is that why Lonegan garnered more votes than then Mitt Romney state wide in a off year election mind you and particularly in District 3 with overwhelming support of  military personnel and the 65 and over crowd who still remember what a great country this once was .

Jackson points out his carpet bagger status , but that didn’t hurt Hillary in New York State and given the political land scape in New Jersey its a bit late for that criticism . Lonegans District 3 predecessor a former Philadelphia Eagle was tarred with that very claim . At lest Lonegan is from the same state .

Jackson then goes on to degrade the Tea Party which were the very people who gave both his predecessor Rep. Jon Runyan and himself big victories in the district .My favorite digg is his supposed lack of support by local “republicans” . Funny is that why Chris Christie himself is hosting a $1000 a plate fund raiser for Lonegan and using his very own mailing list .

We all know the Bergen Record went to great lengths keeping from the public the terrible record of our Senator in hiding then mayor of Newark Cory Booker  ,and of coarse we see no questioning of Booker by the media on charges of corruption in Newark , the sky rocketing murder rate , horrible over priced schools and of coarse his head long support for Obamacare which has lead to over 800,000 people losing their healthcare in the state of New Jersey ?

While we do not expect papers like the Record to come clean we do at lest expect the Record to pretend its somewhat unbiased and give in to the pretense that it is attempting to report news instead of being a propaganda tool for the Democratic party and its allies .

3 thoughts on “Bergen Record once again looks to savage Steve Lonegan with a public misinformation smear campaign.

  1. I believe the fundraiser is to help Lonegan payoff his debt from the Senate run, not for a run at Congress. Anyway, he is definitely pissing off the local Republican party so we’ll have to see if they wind up supporting him.

  2. No need to smear him he does alright by himself the old carpetbagger.

  3. The Bergen Record is a dirty rag.
    The publishers think they are so smart and use this platform to spout their nonsense.
    I am enjoying watching it’s slow painful death at the hands of electronic media and advertising.
    Good Riddance

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